Creative Ideas for Trade Show Booth Giveaways

Creative Ideas for Trade Show Booth Giveaways

Giving away unique, crowd-pleasing trade show booth giveaways is a great way to make your brand stand out. These items will keep your company in mind for attendees long after the event.

Stylus pens are valuable for touchscreen attendees and can be custom-printed with your logo on the packaging or the cell. Healthy snacks like mints or chocolates in branded bags can also help drive engagement and increase your brand’s visibility.

Bluetooth Speakers

A customizable tech giveaway is a great way to keep your brand top of mind for attendees on the go. Whether they listen to podcasts or music, your audience will remember you when using their new Bluetooth speaker.

Consider offering a variety of giveaways for different audiences to increase your ROI. Trunk totes are helpful for any audience, while wireless charging pads and power banks are perfect for tech-savvy individuals. Other popular giveaway items include slim grips like Popsockets or pens/highlighter combos that can be customized with your logo.

Bamboo Notebooks

Bamboo is a fast-growing grass species that can be harvested without damaging the environment. This eco-friendly gift set features a notebook with 70 lined recycled paper pages and a matching bamboo-barrel pen. Engrave or print your logo on the front top of the notebook to share your brand.

Tech gifts are always in demand at trade show exhibit companies. Hand out a custom phones accessory like slim grips or Popsockets, a Cylinder Power Bank, or a Qi-certified wireless charging pad, and you’ll reach attendees who will keep your product in constant use.

Water bottles are a day-to-day item that will help attendees stay hydrated during long events, keeping your brand in view as they travel. Choose a shape that speaks to your industry, like a football-shaped stress reliever, to make your giveaway more unique and memorable.

Reusable Tote Bags

Attendees will appreciate this eco-friendly giveaway and will use it to carry other handouts they receive from you during the show. Choose from various colors and styles that best match your brand, and personalize them with your logo or message for maximum impact.

Planners are notorious multi-taskers, so this handy little tool will come in handy in their hotel rooms and other locations. This keyboard brush will dust crumbs from the hard-to-reach laptop and tablet keys while promoting your hotel brand.

Help attendees remember your hotel and its event spaces with a handy mouse mat that features their contact information, a special first-time booking offer, or other valuable info. Add a pop of color and branding with a fun shape, like a football or baseball, to get the most impact.


With some planning and promoting by a professional SEO consultant, you can make your trade show giveaways tell your brand’s story. Picking the right products ensures your promotional marketing campaigns achieve high ROI at events.

Food giveaways are a surefire way to attract attendees to your booth and allow you to engage with them. Consider giving away a box of cookies or candy to reward visitors who listen to your presentation, scan their badges, or exchange business cards with your team.

With the recent emphasis on reducing disposable coffee cup culture, a reusable mug is a valuable giveaway item that will stay used long after the event. Eco-friendly water bottles are also a practical choice.

Push Pop Bubble Toys

Custom trade show giveaway items are valuable for businesses looking to generate buzz and interest in their products or services. They’re also cost-effective and practical and can help a company tell its story in an eye-catching way.

Whether it’s a full-color imprint on a stylish mug or a personalized tee, custom-printed drinkware is one of the most popular trade show booth giveaways. These reusable, durable items will get your brand into people’s homes and daily routines.

Custom fidget toys are a great gift for anyone needing to relieve stress or focus attention. They’re fun and interactive and come in various shapes and sizes, including the tangram puzzle push pop that doubles as a stress reliever or a dinosaur-shaped fidget cube perfect for sensory kids.

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