How to Utilize Chatbots for Digital Marketing

How to Utilize Chatbots for Digital Marketing

Chatbots or bots are computer programs that aim to provide a level of automation to repetitive tasks. Such a task is the mimicking of human conversation. You will notice chatbots in some websites, where, upon your first visit a chat window pop ups within seconds. Most of these chats include a message asking how it can help you. Artificial intelligence is also included in more advanced chatbots which enables the program to understand complex questions for personalizing replies. This is where chatbots for digital marketing can apply.

Creating Chatbots 

Since it is a computer application, behind the chatbot technology are humans who program the chatbot in answering particular questions. But fret not, you do not need to have a programming background to be able to utilize chatbots as service providers already provide platforms for managing chatbots. Templates are also provided granting more flexibility and features in chatbots. 

Chatbots and Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an essential strategy that utilizes online technology and the Internet. With digital marketing, you can grow your business and establish an online presence. Almost 7.8 billion of the population in the world is using the Internet, making the digital realm an excellent place to market your business.

Trends and Tools for Digital Marketing

2019 showed a surge in marketing technologies supplemented with the emergence of marketing courses and videos. According to a business website, the marketing trends for 2020 include predictive marketing, smart ad bidding, shoppable posts, interactive emails, social messaging, and marketing automation. These tools are claimed to assist in attaining a large audience that is also cost-effective as well as assessable. With digital marketing, businesses can communicate with their prospects and learn their needs. Reaching the audience is also more comfortable and would cost less as compared with traditional marketing methods. Knowing the preferences of the audience and allowing them to make a personal connection with you will also help in creating brand loyalty. 

If you noticed above, digital marketing works by communicating with an audience, whether your existing customers or prospects. It is in this arena that Chatbots are essential. To help explain how to employ chatbots in marketing, the following are the types of chatbots and how you can utilize it for your digital marketing needs. 

Utilization of Chatbots

For Lead Generation

Through chatbots, businesses can ask the customer for their email address, phone number, or other contact information. These details can then be utilized to provide them with more information such as product details and options, as well as recommendations and instructions. Most of the chatbot dialogues would say "Thanks for stopping by. Can I ask for your email address " or "What phone number can we reach you at?" Additionally, chatbots such as a Facebook bot would manage a business Facebook account, take up the information from a random profile, and start adding people. Through this, businesses can instill interest in varying demographics regarding their services and promotions. With the number of people in social media, your business reach is truly expanded! 

Improving Customer Service Experience

Chatbots emulate live chat and provide customers with a sense of value. By having someone to talk to, they can easily have their queries answered. Even if your product is online, chatbots provide an arena where the customer can clarify or elucidate some matters. 

Some chatbot templates can be designed to have an interactive medium between the business or service provider and their customers. An example would be for personal trainers. The chatbot can ask the customer for particular data such as age, height, fitness level, and experience. From there, the customers will be provided with appropriate videos or training programs suited for them. This will automate the fitness program selection while providing answers and directing the customer to other health option services.

Scheduling of Services

Chatbots can be used for scheduling services or even for allowing customers to specify the person they want to service them. Through this feature, you can introduce the services your business offers as well as urge them to book the service with you. This chatbot innovation is especially beneficial for companies providing services that require appointments, such as automotive shops, salons, and even medical clinics.  

Information Distribution

Another feature of chatbots is its ability to provide the list of services or products you offer. In the food and beverage industry, by providing customers with your menu and the inclusion of images, customers are more inclined to proceed with their order. Another example is for gyms. Information about gym classes or one-on-one personal training can be listed. Offers for free trial membership and health evaluation can also be done.  

Rewards and Loyalty Schemes

Loyalty programs, rewards, giveaways, and contests can also be shown in chatbots. Customers will be encouraged to verify products and services when enticed with awards and prizes. Chatbots can be used to present options for the user and provide them with information on the event's mechanics. You may even redirect them to subscribe to your channel or social media account.


Chatbots are also useful for organizations or institutions that rely on memberships. Through the features of the bot, community organizations can attract members, disseminate event information, or even gain donations. Rules of the association can also be displayed interactively. The chat component can also be used by members to inquire and get answers quickly. 

Reviews and Feedback

Chatbots provides an avenue for customers to leave reviews and feedback. Having a channel for discussion will let your customer feel that they are valued and that their feedback is essential. Providing them with means of seeing the evaluations made by other customers also facilitates the building of credibility with your clients. It will also drive more traffic to your webpage or social media pages. 

Using Chatbots for digital marketing is a powerful and effective strategy. However, an enormous effort is still required from the business and its marketing team. The technology is there, but the platform has to be designed to meet the needs of customers and direct them to investigate your business further. Providing your audience with excellent customer service is essential; thus your chatbot should be able to answer basic questions or redirect it to the appropriate channel. It must also provide detailed information on your product and services, supplemented with images if applicable. Furthermore, allowing the client to post reviews will build trust. With all these said, chatbots are genuinely amazing tools for marketing, if designed and managed correctly.

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