How to Send Money on Your Smartphone

How to send money on your smartphone

It has been said that money makes the world go round, and that really is the truth. Even though there are plenty of non-material things that are far more important than money, when it comes to solutions for material and physical issues, money is generally a solution. Money is a resource; some might say that money is our most valued resource. With money, we have choices. We are able to purchase more than just things, we are able to buy experiences. Since that is the case, money has a huge influence on the type of life that we lead. When it comes to sending and getting money, there are few people who would reject a gift of cash.

Why We Exchange Cash with Friends and Family

Apart from that, there are several reasons why people need to exchange money. We use money for more than just purchases. We also give money to people, and we borrow and lend money as well. There was a time when we had to be with someone face to face in order to lend, borrow or give money. Now, it is as simple as an app. There are several apps that can be used to exchange and give money. These apps all work in different ways, but they are all super helpful when it comes to sending money. In the following article, you will find information on some of the more popular apps on the market today.

#1 The Western Union Mobile App

Western Union is a tried and true company that has been sending out money for decades. There are still brick and mortar locations where a person can go and send money to a friend or loved one, but there is also an amazing app that Western Union offers. With this app, a person is able to set up a touch ID. Apart from that, a person can set up regular resends through the app. With the Western Union mobile app, it is possible to carry out a transfer with a credit or debit card. If preferred, a transfer can also be set up directly from a bank account. The Western Union send money app makes money transfers simple and quick.

#2 PayPal

PayPal is a money transfer company that has also been around for a while. Paypal allows transfer through their app or website. With PayPal, a person is able to set up a transfer by using an email or a phone number. Transfers with PayPal are simple, and if a person is making a transfer to a friend or family member, the transfer is free. If a person is sending money to or from a business, Paypal does charge a fee.

#3 Cash App

Cash App is another popular money sending app. Cash App is newer in the world of money apps, but it is also extremely user friendly. In order to use Cash App, the recipient and the sender both have to have the app downloaded. When sending money with this app, the sender can choose to send it immediately and pay a small fee, or the sender can send the money for free with a delayed arrival.

There are few reasons why a person has to carry cash anymore. Sending and receiving money has become so easy through the use of apps. All that a person has to carry is a smart phone, and a series of different cash transactions can be carried out. It's nice to have a favored app; better yet, download them all. Never miss an opportunity to recieve or send money again.


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