How To Rank Better With The Best Review Site In Singapore

How To Rank Better With The Best Review Site In Singapore

External reviews from a reputable review site are valuable for businesses. They attract customers and improve search engine ranking. On the latter, they greatly matter, as search engines put a lot of consideration and weight on a website’s online reputation and other technicalities related to it.

If you have a business site and your target demographic is Singaporeans or people living in the country, you should know how to rank better with the best review site in Singapore. Here are some tips:

Generate More Backlinks and other best international review sites can influence website ranking by increasing the number of backlinks to your website. Backlinks are basically links from sites other than yours. Search engines see and treat them as a signal of trust and authority, so the more you have, the more frequently your site will appear in search results.

There are a few actions you can take to get more backlinks to your website:

  • Write high-quality content
  • Promote your content
  • Ask for backlinks

Remember that backlinks are crucial to your site’s ranking. Focus on increasing them, so fully utilize review sites and the processes mentioned above.

Increase Your Site and Brand’s Visibility

It’s observed that websites with more reviews rank higher in search results. However, some believe these reviews have nothing to do with it, and search engines only focus on factors like content quality and backlinks. Unfortunately, this is an erroneous assumption since search engine algorithms use many factors to determine the ranks of websites.

Evidence suggests that review sites can affect a business site’s ranking. Regardless, even if external reviews don’t ‘truly affect’ ranking, they still benefit a business in other ways. So, you might want to get more external reviews for your website. You can do that by:

  • Asking for reviews: When customers purchase from you, email them a persuasive message to leave a review on your website and the best review site you know.
  • Incentivize reviews: To encourage customers to do you a favor, offer them a discount or other incentive in exchange for leaving a review.
  • Make it easy to leave a review: Your website should have a prominent place where customers can post reviews. If you ask them to give a review on a different site, give them a quick and easy-to-digest rundown on how to do it.

While there may be differing opinions regarding the impact of reviews on website ranking, it’s still a fact that external reviews play a crucial role in a business. So, better be sure to convince your customers to leave reviews about your business.

Boost Your Credibility And Trust

Remember that it’s now common for consumers to trust online reviews as if they’re personal recommendations made by their friends. Surely, you agree with this as you’ve probably depended on a review before to decide if you want to buy or acquire a product or service you want.

After all, most people want to only transact with companies they trust. If they find good reviews about your company being the best businesses in Singapore on a reputable review site, they’ll be compelled to search for you online. And as more people search about your company and your website, search engines can pick up the trend and improve your ranking on the web.

Note that if people are using search engines to find your business site and click on the link directing to you, that’s a good sign that your content is relevant to their concerns and that people find it helpful. This can tell search engines that your site is a valuable resource and should be ranked higher.

review and feedback

Establish Your Social Proof

External reviews are social proof that your website and business are ‘legit’ and do exist. For those unfamiliar, social proof is evidence from others that a product or service is good.

Aside from ushering customers to your business, social proof can also help increase your domain authority (DA). DA is a measure or metric of how trustworthy and authoritative your website is. When search engines evaluate that your website has a high DA, they are likely to rank your content higher in search results.

To further establish your social proof, you can reinforce or perform social media marketing. Know that shares, likes, and comments on your business’s social media accounts also are part of your social proof.

Work On Your Local Search Optimization

External reviews are like gold stars for your website and help with local search optimization. Local search optimization is like getting your business listed in the yellow pages. It’s a way to ensure your business appears when potential customers search for companies like yours in your area.

Say that you have a business in Singapore. If your website is talked about and reviewed by Singaporeans on the best local review site, search engines will figure out that your business is a hit in the country.

Thankfully, there are many ways to strengthen your local presence in search engines. Some of them are the following:

  • Claiming and verifying your business

Search engines can allow you to claim and prove that a company in their listings is yours. And when you do, you can have more control over the information saved and shown by them.

  • Using relevant keywords and phrases

When you optimize your website for local search, it’s essential to use relevant keywords or search phrases. These should be the ones that people are likely to type when searching for businesses like yours.

  • Creating high-quality content

Your website content should be high-quality and informative. It should also be relevant or related to the keywords that you’re targeting.

Local search optimization can do your business and website a lot of good. Thus, follow the tips above to get more people to leave reviews on the best review sites you know.


Throughout this article, you can see the significant impact of external reviews on the best review sites on your site’s online visibility. Clearly, they play a crucial role in enhancing your search engine rankings. Because of this, doing the tips listed above can strengthen your online presence, attract more users, and boost your search engine ranking.

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