How to Earn More Money From Your Business Blog

How to Earn More Money From Your Business Blog

No matter how much you love to write, you cannot do it for free for the rest of your life, especially if you do not have any other job or source of income. Eventually, you will either have to stop doing it or find a way to earn more money from your business blog.

Some people turn to blogging because they love writing about different topics, while others perceive it as an "easy cash" that doesn't require too much time or effort. We wouldn't call it easy cash because it does take some time and luck to start earning money from it.

You cannot just write one post and expect it to go viral, however, on a more positive note, there are some strategies that can help you monetize it. So, if you are not sure how to begin and you are eager to find out, pay attention to these methods that just might help you make a profit from your blog.

What Are The Steps?

Courses and Workshops 

Both of these things are appealing to people, especially now during COVID-19 where you cannot (or at least is not recommendable) take one in person but you must do it online. Many people love having online courses because they are easy to comprehend and you can quickly complete them. And to you, as a blogger, this could be a great source of income, precisely through these two things. Many people earn a lot of money from them. Further, any topic (monetized with workshops and online courses) can bring you cash, not just the popular ones.

Collaborate with CPM or CPC

You probably assume that most bloggers obtain their money through advertisement. That's what you should do too! How does it work? Usually, all you have to do is put the ad on your website.

The most famous types of ads are CPC/PPC which stands for pay per click. They usually represent banners that can be seen either in your sidebar or your content. As soon as the viewer presses the ad, you get the money.

Another key way to earn more money from your business blog is CPM. It is short for cost per 1,000 impressions. What does this mean? It means that you will receive a certain (fixed) amount of money based on how many readers have seen the advertisement.  Now, let's not also forget one of the most popular tools out there concerning advertising that would benefit you in many ways - Google AdSense. This program makes things so much easier. All you have to do is put the banner on your website. Furthermore, Google will then pick the ones that are important to your content and that's it. The rest is up to your viewers. The more they click on them, the more money you get. 

More importantly, if you do not find this tool to be suitable for your site, then you can choose something else. Programs like, Infolinks, and Chitika are at your disposal.

Pick a Good Topic

Now, this one can be a bit tough, especially if you want to choose a blog niche that doesn't bring a lot of money or at all. On the other hand, if you're still not sure what you want to write about then it's advisable to choose a niche that is commercial and popular among many.

How to Earn More Money From Your Business Blog

If you're looking for something profitable that is at the same time engaging, fun, and interesting to you, then take a look at these suggestions. It can be

  • Lifestyle
  • Fitness
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Ideas on how to earn money
  • Traveling
  • Recipes
  • Technology
  • Health

These are just some of our suggestions that we think should be written about and that can easily bring you more viewers. You can combine two similar topics, do not stick to just one. It will make your content more versatile.

Is There Anything Else You Can Do?

Choose a Good Web Hosting Service

Today, online you can find countless hosting companies, however, it's important to pick a good one. We know that currently, all you want to do is to start getting paid from blogging, however, this is the step that must be taken before anything else. First, you must choose an option that suits your budget.

Also, you have to make sure that the service-level and up-time guarantee is guaranteed. If you are just a beginner, then it would be good to either choose a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or a Managed WordPress solution.

As we said, this is just in the beginning. Things will change as you start to broaden your audience and enhance your website. In that case, you will probably have to obtain a dedicated-hosting solution with a CDN.

Consider Amazon is for sure one of the most popular websites in the world. Now, it gives a blogger an opportunity to earn more money by advertising Amazon items on their website. How does it work?

Once someone clicks on the ad it leads them directly to where they can purchase anything they want. This means that because of you, somebody made a purchase, which means that you will receive a commission for that. 

Fortunately, this isn't the only way you can benefit from this website. You can put their catalog with products on your website as well. Moreover, you can write various reviews about those products and also provide a visitor with a link to that particular item. There are many other ways you can get cash through this collaboration, we just listed a couple.

Come Up With a Great Design

We know that blogging is all about writing, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't focus on other aspects of your website. For instance, one of the first things people are going to notice as soon as they enter your site is its design.

How to Earn More Money From Your Business Blog

It has to look appealing and eye-catching. Most bloggers forget about it and make it look plain and simple, which is a huge mistake. Find a nice theme. You can either choose a free one which usually looks less attractive or you can pay for one. Paid themes are better and are customizable. 

As you can see, monetizing your blog is not as difficult as you may think. All these options that we named are quite easy to comprehend and apply. Generally speaking, this is not something that is going to make a millionaire out of you in a blink of an eye, but if you do it right, you will soon be able to earn more money from your business blog and afford some things that you haven't before. 

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