How Social Media Benefits SEO


Below is a helpful infographic about the ways that social media impacts SEO.

A couple items stand out to me including:

  • Social Media helps Content Get Indexed Faster
  • Tweeting cuts indexation time by 50%
  • Social Media reduces the time it takes Googlebot to find your content from Hours to Seconds
  • Increases Rankings for Terms in the Share
  • Shares can trigger the freshness portions of Google’s algorithm, giving you temporary boosts in rankings.
  • Increases Ranking for Social Connections

In my own experience I have found that social media helps my blog reach farther and faster by the social sharing of content.  Particularly, I use a strategy of Facebook posts and Facebook page tabs (built with TabSite) to alert fans to new content.  As well, I tweet and use Google+ and LinkedIn to share content I have created.  As my communities grow in each of these areas, the odds improve that there is social interaction (Likes, Shares, comments, retweets, +1's, etc) that all links back to my content.

Specifically related to SEO, I have seen that by sharing a new post on Google+ my content was immediately indexed and credited to me as author.  (I do have the author-relation tag setup and definitely recommend it.)

The only item I wish for in this infographic is a detail of the sources.  There are none listed.  While I can say these hold true in my experience, data would be helpful.  I pass this on because I think it has value and merit in the items listed.


Social Media and SEO  infographic by the team at WhiteFire, an SEO Company

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