How exhibiting at a trade show can boost your social media profile

exhibiting at a trade show can boost your social media profile

From books to EDS analysis, plumbing to textiles, trade shows are available for most, if not all, types of industry. Attending a trade show in your particular industry is a great networking opportunity, allowing you to meet other industry professionals and see what is new and upcoming in terms of products, services, and innovations. You can also see your presence at a trade show as a social media opportunity, using it to boost followers and visitors to your social media pages, whether that is your YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, or a simple website. Here is how exhibiting at a trade show can boost your social media profile.

Use your trade show booth as a marketing tool

Booking a spot at a trade show gives you the opportunity to display the upcoming products and services offered by your company to other industry professionals. This will involve buying or renting a trade show booth in order to display your business to the best advantage and provide a professional place to hold meetings with any potential clients. While simply having a physical presence at a trade show is sure to drive casual traffic to your booth, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity for extra marketing. Custom trade show booths are an excellent marketing tool, as they can be customized to fit with your brand. This might include large-format printing and graphic design of your branding onto the booth, or custom designing your exhibit to fit the exact needs of your business. Or you might prefer to make an impact with a quirky trade show booth design that will get people talking and score a place on social media streams. 

Engage with events

Trade shows usually include industry-specific events, for example, showcases of new products, lectures on current issues affecting the industry, and new product reveals by key players. Attending these events ensure that you keep up to date about what’s happening in your industry, like the latest in surety bonds. They provide great opportunities for vlogging and tweeting about issues raised, opening up a conversation with others who attended the same event.

Many businesses also host hospitality events at their trade show booths. This provides an opportunity for networking with other industry professionals and an informal exhibition of the business’s products and services. You can engage with the company and other attendees of the even, over social media as a way of recording your day at the trade fair. It’s definitely worth considering hosting a hospitality event of your own. From publicizing it on social media channels to attendees tweeting about your event, you are sure to drive an increase in social media traffic. Another good idea is to host your event towards the end of the day – people are sure to be lured by the prospect of free drinks and nibbles after a long exhibition day.

Engage with any influencers or news channels that may be in attendance

Photographers and journalists from industry magazines are a common sight on the showroom floor. Many trade shows taking place over several days produce a daily newsletter to inform attendees of highlights from the previous day and what to look forward to, as well as photographs of traders and events. Trade shows may also invite influencers who specialize in that field. By engaging with influencers, you have access to their followers and expertise on social media, so don’t be afraid to get involved if any approach you, as it will be good exposure for your business. As part of your pre-show preparations, why not reach out to some influencers who will be in attendance to arrange a meeting? This will be a win-win situation, providing them with information and content and you with social media exposure.

There you have it: key ideas on how exhibiting at a trade show can boost your social media profile!

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