How Corporate Gifts Impact Your Business Image

Corporate Gifts Impact Your Business Image

Corporate gifts are a fantastic way of showing appreciation to people. Those include employees, clients, business associates, and partners. Such presents also foster corporate relationships by creating room for a deeper connection. Fortunately, gift options are virtually unlimited, and the choice of which one to buy ultimately depends on you.

Gifts carry weight, even if they’re coming from a company and not a loved one. This is especially true with branded gifts. A brand has great meaning, and people remember you by what your brand is and what it stands for. Offering branded or customized corporate gifts to clients and employees alike is a good way to evoke positive emotions. That way, you can lay grounds on which strong relationships can be built.

Take note that impressions and perceptions matter. Since business is heavy on imagery that influences how people perceive your business, gifts can be an ideal promotional tool as far as your marketing strategy is concerned. If you’re building a corporate image, you can experiment with corporate gifts to accomplish your marketing goals. Be intentional about giving presents because there’s rarely a one-size-fits-all option that works. Every company has a different culture and, therefore, different approaches and priorities. It may be handwritten thank you notes or it may be a small tech item that's popular.

Also, remember that you’re dealing with human beings. People have feelings, so in running your company, you have to make decisions that resonate with your customers and staff members. That being said, read on to discover how corporate gifts can impact your business and how your company can implement corporate gift-giving as a strategy for growth and success.

Ways That Corporate Gifts Affect Business Image

Normally, people give each other presents to express their gratitude. It’s often associated with but not limited to festivities or special occasions such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Corporate gifts are not so much different. In business, they’re intended to not only show appreciation but also create a particular image and spread awareness. They can be a means through which business relationships are nurtured. They also let your employees know that they’re wanted. 

As a matter of principle, a gift should be given with the right intention. If you keep that in mind, you’ll surely get off on the right foot.

  • Employees

Gifts can provide employee satisfaction, which isn’t something that starts and ends with financial rewards. A simple present such as a branded pen can go far to make employees feel valued. It shows that you trust them with your brand.

What’s more, wherever they go, they can carry it with them. When your employees are out and about or away from the workplace, there’s a high chance they could use that gift and take advantage of the opportunity to spread the word about your company. In doing so, they’ll be able to give your business image a much-needed boost.

You can opt for a T-shirt or jacket with your company name or logo on it. A satisfied employee wouldn’t mind wearing those items, especially if they’re designed well. If you take care of them, they’ll take care of you.

  • Customers

With customers, you should be extra mindful of their values and emotions. Tailor your gifts to attract new clients, and remember to include your company logo.

Of course, you don’t want to use offensive language on the gifts that you give to customers. Stay positively neutral. You can still show that you genuinely care without using strong words that some individuals might find off-putting.

Give them a reason to want to continue doing business with you. Happy customers never fail to come back. That’s why you need to take emotions into account. For instance, you can give them a small gift such as a branded beanie along with a special message when they enter your store. They’re more than likely to appreciate it, and they’ll associate positivity with your company.

Nowadays, emotional intelligence is needed to win in business. People value top-notch customer service and how certain brands make them feel. Endeavor to be that brand that gives them pleasant emotions when they interact with you.

Tips For Buying Corporate Gifts

When picking the right item, ensure that you personalize the product as much as possible. Go with companies that offer custom services with more product options like

Branding is the way to go. For employees, you could add their name onto whichever gift you give them along with your company logo. For customers, you could include a vision statement that’ll resonate with them or words that’ll encourage them to keep supporting you. A simple ‘Thank you for shopping with us!’ can go a long way in making a customer feel valued.

See to it that the gift is of good value so it can leave a lasting impression. If you want to build a trustworthy name, go for quality materials. Avoid using cheap products or services. When someone receives a gift from you, they need to feel that you gave them something they can use or cherish. That way, they’ll associate your brand with high standards.

Also, try to get gifts that adhere to current trends. A fitting example is fidget spinners. These tiny toys became so popular to the point that companies branded their own to distribute to customers and employees. Giving something that’s free and allows for new experiences could make someone’s day. Therefore, it pays to keep up with trends not just in your industry but in broader society.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are good trend trackers. A trendy gift gives off the impression that your company cares about what’s happening in the world at present. It can also give a fun edge to your image.

branded promotion gifts

Examples Of Corporate Gifts

There’s a wide range of gifts you can look into. Here are a few to begin with:

  • Branded Tech Items – These include flash disks, hard drives, and memory cards, among many others. Don’t worry because they don’t have to be expensive. Just ensure that they’re of good quality. You can give these to either customers or employees so they’ll carry your company logo wherever they go.
  • Branded Clothes – These can be anything from shirts to caps to hoodies, and they’re splendid gifts for your employees. These are the people that represent your company, so make your merchandise as fashionable as possible. If it’s stylish and of high quality, your employees are more likely to wear them beyond work hours. That way, your brand would be advertised indirectly. If the clothing is aesthetically pleasing, this will send positive signals to the public as well.
  • Branded Bags – These can be a functional gift for an employee, customer, or business partner. If, for instance, you’re a computer manufacturer or supplier, you could sell your products along with an extra branded laptop bag as a bonus gift.
  • Cigars – Cigars can make an excellent corporate gift. Not only are they luxurious and sophisticated, but they are also relatively affordable. When choosing cigars as a corporate gift, it is important to select a high-quality brand that will be appreciated by the recipient. Bellas Artes cigars fit this bill perfectly since, In addition to being expertly crafted, they are also affordably priced. For those who are looking to make a truly memorable impression, Bellas Artes cigars are an excellent choice.

You can get these and more from suppliers that offer custom printing services. Check out MeowPrint corporate gifts, for example, to see what types of products you can have customized. 

Other Important Factors To Consider

Take the following aspects into account when figuring out which corporate gifts to purchase:

  • Timing

Timing is everything, so consider things like seasonality. You could decide to give corporate gifts to all your employees and business partners every Christmas. The slight downside is that this may lead to the expectation that a gift will come every holiday season. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it highlights the fact that you’ve got to be a strategic giver.

You’d want your gift to be more of a surprise rather than an expectation because what if something—such as a pandemic—happens that could hinder you from giving gifts? What will you do then when even your employees still expect to receive presents? If you have no other option, you could turn to e-gifts such as vouchers and digital gift cards.

  • Type Of Recipient

Depending on the business you’re in and the kind of products you sell or services you deliver, you’ll have a unique profile of your ideal customer. When you advertise and sell, you usually have this customer in mind. So when you’re selecting corporate gifts, you need to use that as a basis for your decision because you want your gifts to be appropriate. One type of gift may be suitable for one person and unsuitable for another.

Choose your gifts based on what your customers prefer and what their lifestyle is. The same goes for employees.

  • The Corporate Image You Want To Build

You have to determine this before buying anything. Your decisions should align with the vision you have for your brand. If you want your brand image to be associated with quality, leisure, or flamboyance, ensure that your gifts aren’t on the lower end of the quality spectrum. Or if you want to build a brand with an affordable catalog, it may be acceptable to stick with gifts of average or slightly above average quality.

It’s not so much about the price of an item but more about how it affects your image. Even a small object such as a ballpoint pen can say a lot about what your company stands for. So, in a nutshell, you need to start with the result you’re after in mind and work toward it.

You should actively define what you want your corporate image to be since there’s a lot of competition out there. You can use corporate gifts to separate yourself from the crowd and lure in new customers by carefully planning your array of gifts, whether they be customized tees, caps, tote bags, or water bottles.

  • Budget For Gifts

Once you’ve established an idea of the business image you want to project, the products you want to buy, and for whom you’re going to buy them, the next step is to draft a budget.

For the sake of accountability, a budget is necessary. It’ll help you manage expenditures and provide direction for making the right choices. You’re going to spend money to get gifts, especially if they’re branded, so it’s prudent to prepare for them well.


Business is, in essence, a game of perception. Regardless of your line of business, you want people to perceive your company in a positive manner. Corporate gifts are a magnificent tool when it comes to crafting an excellent business image. But for them to be effective, you need to sit down, plan, and consider how you want your company to be viewed before making decisions that’ll bring your vision to life.

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