How Construction Businesses Can Use Houzz for Marketing

How Construction Businesses Can Use Houzz for Marketing

Houzz is a newer online platform that offers design and construction professionals a unique and targeted marketing opportunity. The site can appeal to any business that wants to showcase their projects, share information, gain leads, and find new ideas. In this article I'll dive into this design and construction online site and the ways a business can use it.

What is Houzz?

Houzz is a steadily growing online website. It’s a community dedicated to architecture, creative construction, interior and exterior design. That alone points to the all the possibilities with Houzz. The community consists of millions of homeowners and hundreds of thousands of professionals who showcase their projects.

The platform

The site consists of:

  • Hundreds of thousands of images, by categories and sub-category
  • Articles written by staff and professionals
  • A "Discussion" area by users and pros
  • Popular mobile apps for Apple and Android devices

In addition, there’s a database of professionals available for users. This all promotes interaction between professionals, homeowners, and people who need professional design and construction services. Top building supply companies such as Build Store swear by the Houzz online platform.

Why Houzz is Important for Contractors

How design and Construction Businesses Can Use Houzz for Marketing 2

People are more in tune with what they want and are on the platform because of their needs and interest.

  • Everybody wants to make home improvements
  • It uses location-based information to connect local users with local professionals
  • It allows pros to showcase their expertise by answering user posted discussion questions
  • The site enables contractors to showcase items from their projects

Millions of those people are on Houzz looking for ideas, pictures, and professionals. They want to ask questions, hire contractors, and get to work. It's an opportunity for contractors and interior designers to intersect directly with interested persons. A place to be found and to potentially get new business.

How to Leverage Houzz for Marketing

There are several ways to use Houzz for marketing. In fact, Houzz makes it easy. Here are a few marketing ideas.

Add photos

How design and Construction Businesses Can Use Houzz for Marketing 2

By adding photos for members of the community to find, and bookmark gives businesses a subtle presence on the site. Each picture can have a caption, a URL, category, keywords, and location. It’s even possible to add branding. Once the photo is up, users can add it to their ideabooks, email it, print it, comment on it and ask questions about it.


Ideabooks are like digital scrapbooks. Users can take pictures from anywhere and put them into their idea books. Professionals can create idea books as well. Creating a themed idea book showing off what a business can do is one way to generate interest in that business’ s services.

Create a professional profile

How design and Construction Businesses Can Use Houzz for Marketing 2


Professionals can create profiles with "projects." Projects are like idea books, but they outline a complete project. Professionals can show off their projects in detail with pictures of the project.

Users can view projects much as they can view idea books. They can save the pictures from the project and share them. Professionals can include their contact information in the project, which in turn can generate interest and clients.

Join the conversation

One of the easiest ways to a construction or design professional to generate interest on Houzz is to join the conversations. Many of the users and homeowners seek professional opinions and ideas.

Professionals do themselves a great favor by offering their expert opinion and answering discussion questions. Professionals can solve problems and prove they know what they’re talking about. These conversations will remain, and other users can become potential clients when they read what a professional has to say.

Keep everything updated

Contractors should keep their information up-to-date. It will help the occasional client find the contractor they’re looking for. It will also make sure the right information shows up in a search on the site or from a search engine.

Sign Up and See

Houzz isn’t difficult to use, and it’s not hard to navigate. Any designer, construction business, or other type of contractor should have no trouble getting started with it. It’s worth it to be a part of the professional database and actively engage with the people who are literally looking for professionals to help them. There are even options to list call-to-actions on your listing such as a "Free Consultation" or coupon, plus ability to pay for sponsored listing in order to get more visibility faster.

Thoughts on Houzz?

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