How Charts Can Help New Employees Settle In Easier

How Charts Can Help New Employees Settle in Easier

Welcoming new employees is exciting for both the business and the colleagues they will be working with. The onboarding process is crucial for ensuring employees settle in easily. Research shows employees are more likely to stay with a company or business for more than three years if they have a positive and welcoming onboarding process. Businesses can use different types of charts to make this process much smoother, and this article focuses on how they can do just that.

Charts Can Help Employees Understand Their Roles

One of the most common types of charts used in the onboarding process is an organizational chart. These charts provide a graphical representation of the whole company or a department. Businesses can use charts to build a hierarchical structure that helps new employees quickly understand their position within a team. It can also help understand the larger company, who they report to, the part they will play, and much more.

An org chart builder helps avoid confusion when employees don't know what they are supposed to do or who they need to talk to about specific issues. Removing this confusion makes the onboarding process and settling in much easier.

They Know What to Do in Case They Need Help

It is understandable if a new employee does not know the procedures to follow if they need something. Many businesses have organized and strict structures for reporting issues, getting clarification, or asking for help that new hires should know about.

A flow chart can help new hires know these structures. It also showcases who is responsible for what so they can ask the right person the right question or for help. The confidence of knowing what they should do in case they need something can greatly help new employees settle in.

They Help New Hires Understand Company-Specific Workflows and Processes

Every company does things differently and therefore has different workflows and processes. While both help streamline things, they can confuse new employees who do not know them. Businesses can easily resolve this using workflow and process flowcharts.

As their name implies, these charts outline specific processes and workflows new hires need to follow. They can explain what is required of them during the onboarding process, outline project management and submission workflows, and encourage collaboration between team members.

Charts Can Help Employees Know Their Career Paths

Most people find comfort in knowing their possible future career trajectory. For example, they may want to know the roles they could hold in the future. The comfort that comes from having that information can make settling in easier. Furthermore, it can help improve employee retention rates.

An open, hierarchical organizational chart that shows employees the positions above them. This shows the roles they can attain if they stay, which is comforting and settling. Knowing what is possible, employees are more likely to concentrate on doing their best to get to the next level.

Businesses can use different types of charts to help new employees settle in. Organizational charts are commonly used for this purpose as they tell the employees everything they need to know about their positions, the company, their colleagues, and more once hired. Businesses can also use charts to explain workflows and processes or let new employees know what positions they can attain in the future.

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