Hazel by Noodlesoft - Dashboard Cleaner and Automation Review

Hazel by Noodlesoft - Dashboard Cleaner and Automation ReviewFile maintenance on your computer can be a pain. Dragging and dropping, copying and pasting, organizing files, re-organizing, setting up hierarchies, and creating folders can take up time. Of course, not taking the time to organize can lead to even bigger headaches.

Cluttered computers make finding rogue files through search or Spotlight challenging. Can you really afford to waste so much time sorting or even losing important files? What if there was a tool that would take care of the clutter automatically on your computer? Look no further than Noodlesoft's Hazel for the Mac.

Hazel and Your Business

Hazel gives you the ability to increase your business's productivity simply by freeing up your time. It automates the tedious file management tasks of the everyday and allows you to focus on the more pressing business matters.

Think of Hazel as your Mac's personal housekeeper slash administrative assistant. It cleans out your trash and organizes your files while following the rules you've laid out for it.

Hazel by Noodlesoft - Dashboard Cleaner and Automation Review

Hazel helps you achieve a self-organizing computer by:

  • Performing assigned tasks - Once you set the rules, files are organized automatically.
  • Automatically organizing files based on attributes - Based on the attributes (type, name, and date) you have chosen, Hazel will tag, rename and upload files.
  • Deleting duplicate and trash files and applications - When you are ready to delete an application, Hazel's app sweep searches for any lingering support files to get rid of as well.
  • Matching patterns - When Hazel finds a consistent pattern in file names, it will process your file based on the rules you set up.

Using Hazel

It is easy to get started with Hazel even without being an advanced user. Right after installing it, you are able to set up the rules you want Hazel to follow.  Clicking the + button on the Rules editor allows you to add rules. For example, folders that are older than a  certain number of days old can be sent to your trash folder or deleted automatically.

By placing your documents into the Incoming Scans folder, you can begin to tell Hazel how you want your files organized. For example, you can have Hazel scan the contents of a file. If the file meets certain criteria (certain words or numbers), Hazel will rename the file, add the appropriate extension, and sort it into the correct folder. Documents that don't match any existing criteria will be left in Incoming scans to be dealt with manually.

Hazel by Noodlesoft - Dashboard Cleaner and Automation Review

Hazel also gives you the ability to manipulate files. Bills, receipts, videos…..Hazel can handle any type of file. You can have word documents converted to PDFs or mp4s converted to AVIs automatically.

Hazel has many, many options available to both casual and advanced users. However you choose to use it, Hazel can be an invaluable tool for file automation. Set your rules, let it run and spend your extra time on the things that matter.

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