Eleven Things to Do 15 Minutes Before an Interview

Eleven Things to Do 15 Minutes Before an Interview

You have been waiting and hoping for this job interview to happen since the moment you sent your resume. Then, you got the interview call, and now it's finally happening. You look at the clock, it's nearing the interview time, and you start to panic.

While the 15 minutes before the interview can be agonizing, keeping your composure is best. Most job applicants don't know what to do with the remaining time. Some experts recommend that in order to stay focused and calm, you look in the mirror and take deep breaths a few times.

Take the 15 minutes before the interview as an opportunity to mentally put yourself in a good place, project the right attitude, and focus on the things that will make you memorable. Those 15 minutes can be crucial. They might be observing you from a distance.

Here is a list of what you can do in the 15 minutes before your job interview, and while you’re at it, check out these last minute interview tips!

#1: Remain calm.

We all know that stress releases cortisol, a stress hormone, in the body. Experts suggest that this can hinder your ability to think clearly, depending on your stress level.

Hence, it is necessary to keep your cool, stay calm, and be collected to avoid this hormonal potion minutes before the interview.

According to a career coach, remaining calm before and throughout the interview can help you listen better to the interviewer and stay focused on how to deliver impressive answers.

Being calm can also show your interviewer your ability to respond to stressful situations.

#2: Be an early bird, but don’t be too early.

Arriving early for an interview is a golden opportunity to look around and get a feel of the environment better. You will have ample time to prepare yourself. Nothing can shake you more than running late to a job interview. It will definitely ruin your chances of impressing your interviewer.

Arriving early is also a way of showing your potential employer that you value punctuality and that time is golden to you. However, don't show up too early, as it can send a message to the interviewer to halt whatever they are doing to accommodate you.

#3: Be remembered as the friendly face.

Receptionists, security guards, and janitors are also part of the organization, so remember to be nice and greet them when you walk into the building and into the office. There's a good chance they might send a word to the staff and manager about how you behaved and treated them.

#4: Focus and practice your posture.

In the 15 minutes leading to the interview, practice the proper posture. When you sit up straight with your hands on your lap and maintain good eye contact, your interviewer will perceive you as confident and professional.

#5: Don't memorize.

You wouldn't want to leave out any important details in the interview, we get that. However, memorized answers to possible questions will only sound scripted, and you will look unnatural.

Remember, an interview is a conversation and will take on a flow as you go. Trust that you will know what to say as long as you are being truthful.

#6: But, review your notes briefly.

If you made notes for important keywords and details, this is the best time to review them briefly.

#7: Stay updated with the headlines.

Offices have newspapers lying around the waiting room. Grab the most recent one and go through the present day's headlines, especially the ones relevant to the field you are applying to. It's important to stay updated with current events, whether local or global.

For instance, read the stock market and foreign exchange updates if you are applying for a job as a financial analyst. You can connect this to your relevance during the interview.

#8: Look in the mirror.

Use a compact mirror or selfie camera on your phone to check yourself out for self-assurance. You just need to look at the confident person smiling back at you and trust that's what you want to be. Believe in the power of the "look good, feel good" mantra!

#9: Avoid checking on your phone.

You may read something on your social media or text message that will distraught you. You will then be distracted and ruin your A-game.

#10: Think happy and positive thoughts.

As cliché as it may sound, thinking happy thoughts will make you smile and feel better. This will get your mind on the right track for the interview. The biggest and most difficult wall to climb is the one you set in your mind. Positive thinking can help you get hired. So, believe that you will ace the interview, and you will!

#11: Don’t forget to breathe!

Nervousness can affect your ability to focus in the interview. Do breathing exercises in the minutes before the interview. This will also help you stay calm and keep your composure.


Your job interview starts the moment you walk into the building. You never know who you'll meet at the elevator, or at the reception area, so it's important to behave like a professional and treat everyone else politely—as if they are the potential hiring manager or decision-maker.

Focus on making a good impression, but don't try too hard. Remember to relax and keep your cool.

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