Elevate Your Healthcare Career With an Online MBA Concentration in Healthcare

healthcare career

If the thought of blood, germs, and other typically unpleasant aspects of direct patient care have you turning away from a healthcare career, don't. You can still make a difference in this vital industry by focusing on the business side.

Getting an MBA with a concentration in healthcare management can be one way to do so.

Master the Business of Healthcare

The healthcare sector is booming as aging populations and technological advances prompt demand for innovative solutions. An online healthcare MBA programs offers students the broad business education necessary to meet this growing need and the specialized knowledge needed to tackle the industry's unique challenges.

Students can pursue various healthcare degrees, including an MBA with a healthcare concentration, an MHA, and an MPA. The typical online MBA program requires a bachelor's degree and work experience but may waive entrance exam requirements for exceptional applicants. Coursework is typically delivered asynchronously, allowing enrollees the flexibility to manage their education around busy schedules. However, this learning model requires strong self-discipline and dedication to complete all course requirements.

Master the Business of Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administration is an in-demand career field with high job satisfaction and significant compensation potential. The skills you gain with an online MBA in healthcare management can help you navigate this field's unique challenges and opportunities.

The best online MBA programs for healthcare are designed by faculty with industry experience. For example, the business school offers a master's degree in healthcare management with courses that cover topics such as the political environment and culture of healthcare administration.

Many MBA programs have a broader focus on business leadership and may prepare graduates for roles in industries outside of healthcare. You could work as a general manager or in the c-suite at organizations in sectors such as insurance, pharmaceuticals, and MedTech.

Master the Business of Healthcare Finance

Whether running a small social service agency, a large hospital, or a medical supply corporation, an online MBA can help you develop skills to improve cost savings and efficiencies across the entire healthcare organization. Your coursework may explore financial accounting, budgeting, risk management, and performance improvement in modern healthcare organizations.

The MBA curriculum typically includes courses in accounting, marketing, and finance, but it also examines specific healthcare components that impact business operations, like reimbursement issues and insurance billing. That gives you the knowledge to manage complex and fast-growing healthcare facilities and the top careers that demand these credentials.

Most online MBA programs offer flexible, asynchronous coursework to help you fit your degree into a busy schedule. You can study from home or on the go, depending on your availability.

Master the Business of Healthcare Operations

A career in healthcare management is a strong choice for professionals looking to boost their earning potential. Individuals with an MBA degree generally receive a higher pay package than those with a bachelor's degree.

GW's online MBA in healthcare management blends business and medical concepts to provide a versatile education that will equip you to lead in any industry. Choose from various elective courses, and tailor your healthcare career curriculum to align with your career goals.

Demographic changes, new medical technology innovations, and a shift in how people view and consume healthcare create unique opportunities for forward-thinking entrepreneurs. Invest in your professional development and earn an MBA that positions you to capitalize on these market trends. The business savvy you develop will be valuable for every facet of your career.

Master the Business of Healthcare Information Management

Online MBA programs allow you to work through coursework without missing a beat in your busy career. Depending on the program and scheduling availability, you can complete your graduate degree in as few as 14 months or as long as four years.

Using data-driven insights, an online healthcare management degree helps leaders cut costs and boost patient access to care. It also equips professionals with the tools to make informed business decisions and improve efficiency.

The healthcare career program is flexible, requiring no campus visits, and students from various undergraduate backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Graduate degrees can be earned for at least one year without submitting GMAT or GRE scores.

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