Earn Big Money With the TikTok Creative Challenge

TikTok Creative Challenge

TikTok creators, are you looking for ways to monetize your content and boost your earnings? TikTok's Creative Challenge could be the answer.

What is the TikTok Creative Challenge?

The Creative Challenge is TikTok's latest creator monetization program that allows eligible creators to earn money by creating ads, known as user-generated content or UGC, for brands on the platform. Launched in June 2023, it pays creators to flex their content creation skills by designing video ads that need brand briefs.

How Does it Work?

Creators can browse a list of brand challenges, with each brief outlining rules, requirements and potential earnings. They then submit original video ads meeting the requirements. Once approved, creators can track the status and performance of submissions to monitor monthly payouts calculated from qualifying views, clicks and conversions over 6 months.

Benefits of the Creative Challenge

Creators have full control over the ads they create without having to post on their own profiles. Instead, their ads run as paid promotions in users' feeds, allowing monetization without disrupting regular content streams.

Eligibility Requirements

To participate, creators must have at least 50,000 followers on a U.S.-based TikTok account, be over 18, and agree to TikTok's guidelines.  It's a great took for TikTok video creators wanting to make money on the platform.

Potential Earnings

Some creators reported monthly earnings of $22,000-$34,000 during beta testing, with bonuses for hitting performance milestones. Payment is based on a revenue share model.

Other Options

The Creative Challenge differs from programs like TikTok Pulse which share ad revenue. Other monetization avenues on TikTok include the Creativity Program Beta, TikTok Series, and selling digital products.


For eligible creators, the Creative Challenge presents a lucrative opportunity to earn big bucks creating customized ads with full creative freedom. Sign up through the TikTok app today to start generating additional revenue streams.

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