Discount Tire Customer Experience - A Halftime Mike Mini-podcast

Have you ever been surprised by your experience at a business?

Not, negatively, but a very positive surprise?  I've got a story to share in this episode!


This mini-podcast is on my business experience with a tire company where I went to have the tires replaced on our family minivan. When I think of businesses that sell and replace tires, I don't typically think of tremendous customer service and a great experience, just a transaction that I need to get done, and hopefully smoothly.

So, I really had fairly low expectations as I went in.  I simply wanted to get in, get tires, and get out painlessly.

However, this was not the case, and more than merely "painless",  I was thrilled with my experience!  So much so, that I wanted to talk about it... So here I go!

There were some key business lessons in my 1 hour there. Welcome to this edition of the Halftime Mike mini-podcast for business leaders!



Key Business Tips from my "Tire Change Experience"

  1. Attentive to my situation
  2. Offered alternatives that were actually less expensive but better for me
  3. Positive, upbeat communication
  4. Staff doing the work were always HUSTLING
  5. Pleasant surprise of a sit down summary by another staff person at completion
  6. Pulling van out and opening door for me to get in = Extra mile touch!

Want to check them out yourself?   Visit Discount Tire

Discount Tire Customer Experience - A Halftime Mike Mini-podcast

The results of this great experience?

  • I'll go back = earned loyalty
  • I'll recommend them to friends needing service
  • I'm talking about them publicly!

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Mini-Podcast Download:


How about you?  Any really neat experiences to share?



As you note, this is a short (less than 10 minute) podcast.  In 2014 I started mixing in these mini-podcast segments with my standard 20-30 minute podcasts.  These are intended to be more story focused, with the intent to share some of my experiences and bring about business lessons and ideas related to them.  Each episode will say "mini-podcast" somewhere in the title so you always know.

As well, if you want to see only the mini-podcasts, I do have a category on my blog called "Mini-podcasts" which has all the episodes.

These are recorded on-the-go via my iPhone using the "Mobile Podcaster" app on iTunes.




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