Could Your Business Be Doing More To Improve Brand Consistency?

When you’re trying to build a strong brand for your business, consistency is key. If you don’t have a clear message at the heart of all of the marketing materials that you put out, consumers will be confused about your brand and they won’t relate to it as strongly as they would a consistent brand. Big companies are great at this but new businesses that are still finding their feet often have an issue with brand consistency and it can have a big negative impact on the success of their marketing campaigns. If you think that your brand is inconsistent, these are some of the best ways to improve it. 

your business can improve brand consistency

Create Brand Guidelines 

The first thing you need to do is create some strict brand guidelines and communicate them to everybody in the business. Brand consistency isn’t just about the marketing materials that you put out, it’s also about the way that you communicate with customers as well, so brand guidelines need to be expressed to everybody in the business. These guidelines should include rules for design and logo usage, the editorial voice that employees should use on any outgoing communications, and even small details like font use. The more comprehensive your brand guidelines, the more consistent your brand will be. 

Document Templates 

Making sure that people follow brand guidelines is important, and you can make that a lot easier for people if you use document templates. If you invest in business document template management software, you can generate templates for everything from marketing materials to emails and letters. This will help to ensure that branding guidelines are always being followed and there is complete consistency across all communications. It’s also a good way to improve efficiency because people can use the templates instead of creating similar documents over and over. 

Keep Your Tone Consistent 

People tend to think of the visual aspect when it comes to brand consistency but the tone that you use when communicating with customers is equally as important. If your tone is fun and casual on Twitter, but you come across as very professional and serious on Facebook, that sends a confusing message to consumers. You need to decide how you want people to view your business and use a tone that is consistent with that image. This should extend to all areas of your marketing so if you’re partnering with social media influencers, for example, you need to choose people that have a similar tone that works well with your brand. You also need to ensure that customer service staff are presenting themselves in the same way when speaking to customers over the phone. 

Combine Offline And Online Marketing 

There is no point in cultivating a strong brand in the online world if your offline activities go against that and present your business in an entirely different way, that’s why you need to combine the two areas and create one coherent brand. When hosting events for your business or even attending events held by others, you need to ensure that you are still following your brand guidelines if you want to be consistent. 

An inconsistent brand is a weak brand, so it’s vital that you do these things to create a consistent brand that consumers can instantly recognize and engage with if your business is going to be a success. 

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