Coinrule Review 2023: Is This Automated Trading Bot Platform Worth it?

Coinrule Review 2023: Is This Automated Trading Bot Platform Worth it?

Navigating the crypto world can feel like a wild ride, right? Prices rise and fall, sometimes leaving you feeling dizzy. The rapid changes might make you wish for an extra set of eyes. And that's where trading tools, like bots and automated systems, come into the picture. Have you heard of Coinrule? Let's look closer in this Coinrule review to see if it could be the tool you've been searching for.

What is Coinrule?

Let's start from the beginning. Have you heard of Coinrule? It was founded in the UK back in 2018. It stands out as a prominent tool among crypto prop trading firms.

Coinrule is like a helping hand for people who want to trade cryptocurrency. Imagine having a buddy there for you day and night, ready to help. That's how Coinrule's trading bot is.

You see, they have tools to assist you, like 150 templates. Think of these templates as helpful hints or guides when you're unsure. If that's not enough, there's something cool you can do. You can make your instructions for the trading bot using an easy "if this happens, do that" rule. It's set up to be simple and easy to use.

The folks behind Coinrule? They truly care about cryptocurrency. Therefore, they wanted to make sure trading wasn't confusing or tough. They crafted Coinrule so you could set your own trading rules, use their handy templates, or even go head-to-head with big, fancy trading systems. And guess what? You don't need to be a computer whiz to do it.

How Does Coinrule Work?

How does it all work? It's a bit like setting rules for a game. Coinrule lets you create rules for a trading bot using basic instructions. You choose or create your rules, and the bot jumps into action.

Coinrule works with prominent trading places like Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken. Don't worry if you think it all sounds complicated. Remember those 150 templates I mentioned? They're there to give you a hand.

Before you set your plans into motion, Coinrule has something neat. You can practice with their Demo exchange. It's like a rehearsal before the big show. They also have a tool that lets you see how your trading plan might have worked in the past.

This way, you aren't just guessing. Coinrule has different options with various cool things included, so you can find one that feels just right for you.

Coinrule Features

Let's zone in on the platform's notable features:

1. Templated Trading Strategies

Trading can be overwhelming. That's why Coinrule offers "Templated Trading Strategies." Think of these as your trading roadmap. These templates use factors like market trends and buying/selling volumes to assist you in making decisions. It's like having a playbook for trading. Just as a playbook can make a sports game smoother, these templates make your trading journey more structured.

2. BackTesting

Imagine you're about to use your savings to buy something. Naturally, you'd want to be sure it's a good choice, right? This is where "BackTesting" steps in. It lets you see how the decisions you plan to make would have turned out if made in the past.

Picture it as a rehearsal for a school play. If your practice went smoothly, there's a good chance the actual performance will, too. But remember, just like in real life, sometimes things go differently than practiced.

When you decide on a trading strategy, you also choose what items or cryptocurrencies you're interested in and decide how much time you want to spend looking at their graphs. Now, about keeping your plans secret – no need to stress. Your strategy is like a diary with a lock; only you have the key.

3. Trading Safely on Exchanges

You've probably heard of some big players in the trading world. Coinrule, for instance, partners with names like Binance and Coinbase.

When you decide to trade with them, they hand you something called a 'private key.' Picture this key as a special pass. It helps you move around easily in the trading world and ensures nobody messes with your stuff.

Coinrule Pricing

Coinrule offers four distinct plans:

  • Starter: This free plan is ideal for beginners. It includes essential features and allows trading up to $3,000 monthly.
  • Hobbyist: Priced at $29.99 a month, it offers additional features and raises the monthly trading limit to $100,000.
  • Trader: For $59.99 a month, you get enhanced features, including TradingView Signals and notifications, with a monthly trading cap of $1 million.
  • Pro: Priced at $449.99 monthly, this plan has premium features and training sessions for serious traders.

Pros of Coinrule

  • Intuitive interface with over 150 templates
  • 24/7 automated functioning
  • Opportunity for mock trading
  • Robust security measures

Cons of Coinrule

  • The Pro plan can be pricey for some.


So, could Coinrule be the automated trading software you've been looking for? It's designed for simplicity, security, and support. However, only you can decide if it's the right fit for your needs and budget.

If you're exploring alternatives, Alto Ira and iTrustCapital are worth considering. Each has unique offerings, and one might resonate more with your preferences.

A valuable tip? Always test your strategies. Coinrule provides resources and tools to enhance your trading knowledge. It's not just about executing trades; it's about growing as a trader.

Click here to start with Coinrule and see where the journey takes you.

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