Choosing the Best Living Options for Seniors

Choosing the Best Living Options for Seniors

As older adults reach retirement age, they realize they need to start considering senior living options. However, when the moment to make the change arrives, choosing from the numerous living options may become difficult.

Keep in mind that the options for caring for elderly parents range from independent living communities to shared residences in cohousing communities. Most of these leading companies like Seasons Retirement provide quality care and support to older persons.

Having established that there are several senior living homes, you might need to streamline your list to a few options so that settling on one would be easier.

In doing so, you may want to evaluate the type of assistance your loved ones require in their everyday lives.

Then consider how much you and your loved ones can afford to pay for senior housing.

Now, this article aims to shed more light on some living options for seniors. Also, it will serve as a guide on how to choose a senior living home that suits the needs and finances of you and your loved ones.

Common living options for seniors

It can be challenging to figure out the right senior living community that fits the needs of your loved one. Given this, we have come up with answers to your questions concerning the best living option for your parents or grandparents. The following are different senior living communities and what they offer.

1. Independent living communities

Independent living communities are also referred to as retirement living communities or retirement homes. Your loved one can rent or purchase a residence in one of these places.

Prepared meals, housekeeping, laundry, and transportation are services residents enjoy in the living community. That said, most residents are capable of taking care of themselves. Older adults in these residences don't need help with daily activities such as bathing, getting dressed, and using medications.

The independent living option is ideal for a parent or grandparent who feels lonely at home. So, your loved one must enjoy cohabiting with others for them to appreciate independent living.

2. Assisted living communities

Even though assisted living communities share some similarities with independent living communities, the defining difference is that the former offers personal care services to residents in need.

These care services may include getting dressed, bathing, or taking medications. Furthermore, some residences in this community are specially designed for people with unique needs. For example, older adults with early-to-middle-stage dementia get special residences in an assisted living community.

Hence, assisted living is a good option for aging loved ones who are fairly active but still need help to get by with their daily routine.

3. Nursing homes

Also referred to as skilled nursing or extended care homes, nursing homes are senior living residences that offer a high level of medical care. Like assisted living communities, nursing homes provide help with some basic care activities.

That said, it is important to point out that these clinically-inclined homes offer medication management, and their staff work round the clock to ensure everything is in order.

Nursing homes offer top-notch medical care to older adults who need attention. So, you should consider a nursing home if your loved one needs a lot of medical assistance. These homes are usually licensed and regulated by state laws, so you shouldn't worry about the legitimacy of this senior living option.

4. Continuing care retirement communities

Continuing care retirement communities meet the diverse needs of several older adults. It is just like a campus, featuring a variety of residences for different people. This campus-like community offers independent living, assisted living, and nursing home services.

Residents are at liberty to choose whichever home suits their needs. When these needs change, they can always move to the residence that offers the care that they require.

This living option is a smart choice for many older adults. This kind of community discourages older adults from moving around as their needs change. It allows your older loved ones to enjoy a specific service immediately while there is a contingency for the future. However, it is the costliest of all senior living options.

5. Senior cohousing communities

Senior cohousing communities are a type of senior living option where a group of adults come together to build or purchase a housing complex with individual rooms or apartments and shared common areas.

The sole purpose of this living option is to build a community where older adults support each other and share resources. Here, each resident still enjoys a level of independence. Senior cohousing communities are designed and managed by the residents themselves.

You may want to consider this senior living option if your parents or grandparents seek a private home but want a group of neighbors with whom they could share responsibilities and costs. Also, it is a reasonable choice if you and your loved one are looking for an affordable option of senior living.

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Steps to deciding on the best senior living option

Now that you know the different living options for older adults, you will have to decide on the best one for your loved one. Indeed, there is a lot to consider when choosing a suitable living option for your aging parent or grandparent. Here, we'll be discussing the steps to take before you and your loved one make a decision.

1. Research

Reading through this article is an excellent way to start. First, you need to gather enough knowledge on senior living options. This will help you know what fits your loved one's lifestyle.

2. Find out about daily life

You may want to discuss with your parents or grandparents to know the kind of daily life they want. For example, they may want to live in a community of older adults like themselves or stay in a general community with people of all ages.

3. Talk to a doctor

Before choosing the best living option for your loved one, visit a doctor with them to see if there are concerns about their health. It is a good way of seeking professional recommendations and advice on a suitable living option.

4. Talk to a financial advisor

Before making this life decision, talk to a financial expert on the cost of senior living. The advisor will give you direction on the financial aspect of senior living.

5. Visit potential senior living communities

Find different senior living communities, visit them, and speak to their staff and residents about various things that pertain to senior living.


At this point, you should have answers to your questions about a suitable living option for your loved one. Seasons Retirement offers a range of living options for older adults. Their unique, quality approach to care is a good choice for senior living.

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