Best practices for PPC Copywriting one must follow

Running a PPC campaign is like walking on a path that is filled with mines. 

Landmines or goldmines?

That’s for you to find out. Or decide. 

Yes, you have control. You can make your ads become click magnets. Or you can be lost somewhere in the mountain of crappy copywriting examples. Yes, a mountain. It isn’t just a pile. You’ll find plenty of search engine marketing examples where advertisers are wasting time, money, and words in their PPC ad copies. After all, the average click-through rate of PPC ads is just 2%.

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But, you aren’t going to land on that list. You have found this guide, and if you effectively do 7 simple things, you’ll be able to sell what you need to be sold. 

Here are the 7 best practices for you to follow-

1. Talk to the reader. Not at the reader.

‘If you have a pet, this is the pet food packet that you need…’

Really? If you have a pet-?

If your reader didn’t have a pet, what business do they have searching for pet food? 

If you write copies like that, we are sorry, but you aren’t doing any good. You are just talking about your audience. You need to talk to your audience. Not talk at them. 

‘The only pet food that will make your pet healthy, happy, and active right from the first feed.’ 

How about this one? 

Coming straight to the point. Telling your reader the solution. The outcome that they need. Friendly, authoritative, certain. That’s exactly how you want to sound when you talk to your audience. That’s how your ad copy should be. 

Remember, you are spending money on getting that ad space. Don’t waste it on rhetorical questions and words that give no value. 

2. Use Emotional Triggers

Do you know why you are here? It is because the first line told you how YOU can decide if your PPC campaign is successful or not. That sense of control, that zeal to be successful and better than the rest. That’s what drove you here. And that emotional trigger is what drives everyone. 

  • Writing for divorce lawyers? Bank on the heartbreak. 
  • Writing for beauty and cosmetic products? Bank on the insecurities. 
  • Writing for insurance providers? Bank on the need to stay protected. 

Sure it sounds shrewd. But how else do you think psychology works? People have emotions. And emotions drive actions. If your PPC ad copy doesn’t evoke emotion, it isn’t doing anything. 

3. Say it with Statistics

A lot of PPC campaigns fail. What information does it give you?

Probably a lot of campaigns succeed too. 

That’s not the message that was intended to be sent across. 

How do you make sure people understand what you are trying to tell them? Use numbers.

Replace ‘a lot,’ ‘many,’ ‘several,’ and the likes with actual statistics. Don’t bother with round offs. Go with the real figures. 

It builds trust. It makes you sound real. 

‘We have helped 1349+ candidates seeking tech jobs in the past 2 months’ is always better than ‘We have helped numerous tech candidates find dream jobs in just a few months.’

4. Use Strong Call-to-Actions

If you have been to a local fair in any city in India, you would have heard the sellers selling a myriad variety of stuff.  

Their ad copy, if I must say so, has a simple template. 

Buy *insert product* now. Buy *insert product* at just *insert price* only.

And that works. You already know what the product does. Before you buy, you just need a strong call to action that asks you to act fast.

And that’s what the seller shouts at the top of his lungs. 

You, however, can keep your vocal cords at rest. Just make sure PPC ad copy does that. Let your reader know what needs to be done. Should they call you? Should they visit the website? Should they send you an email? 

If you don’t tell them what exactly needs to be done, it is a clear message for them to walk away. 

But adding strong CTAs doesn’t mean you write ‘Call now’ or ‘Visit us’ at the end of your copy. 

Get creative. ‘Save now,’ ‘Join our mailing list today,’ Schedule a no-cost consultation,’ ‘Grab your free copy.’

Now, it is for you to decide which ones seem clickable and what sounds like clickbait. We’ll leave that to your better judgment. 

5. Write Convincing Copies, not Creative Copies

Most copywriting guides will tell you to know your audience before you start writing. But that’s lame advice. ‘Copywriters’ should already know that.  

What you might not consciously realize is that you might be writing with the wrong goal in mind. Thinking through a research-driven copywriting strategy before writing any ad or landing page copy can help you craft words that drive measurable results. 

The reaction that you want from your audience might be - Wow! 

But the copies that convert need to get a reaction on the lines of - I must buy this now.

Creative copies, flowery language, and words poured in a string like a set of pearls are best left for fiction writing. 

You want convincing copies that make your reader act. Make them take the next step. 

6. Best Part First

Okay, so this is both a copywriting tip and a tech tip. On devices with smaller screen sizes, Google loads the first two of your headlines. That killer third headline is rendered useless. 

Put your best foot forward. Don’t expect your audience to read the full copy anyway. Make them do that by writing a copy that has a flawless first line. And even if Google doesn’t show the third headline, your copy should work just fine. 

7. Go Local in Your Ad Copy (Lingos and Slangs Are Allowed!!)

When you are writing web content, you need to be relevant to a wider audience. That’s not the case with PPC copywriting. Unless, of course, you have a very wide global campaign. 

For local campaigns, you can use the language of the locals. It helps you hit home with your reader. They see you as a real person. The ad becomes much more believable when it sounds real.

What Next?

You now know all that you need to create copies that convert.

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If you think the next step is to follow all these tips and create a great PPC ad copy, wait. 

Nothing in this world is fail-proof. You need to do A/B testing for multiple copies before you get the perfect copy.  

You have to practice, even fail a few times. 

No amount of search engine marketing tutorials or copywriting tips can eliminate the possibility of failure. 

Practice, testing, and experience make your copy fail-proof. 

Either try, fail, and repeat multiple times or get PPC Management Services. If you hire experts who have practiced and failed before, you can get them to yield fail-proof results for you now. 

You just need to look at the right places. 

Uplers is one such search engine marketing agency that has a proven record of success. They helped Chur Burger, a Surry Hills-based fast food joint, increase store footfall by 90% in just 60 days. Great ad copies have been their drivers in achieving this feat.  Another such agency is Searchbloom for PPC Management.

If you also wish to get similar results without having to try and fail multiple times, the experts should be your go-to destination for help. 

No matter how deep pockets you have, we are sure you don’t want to spend that PPC campaign money on trying, failing, and repeating. Hire experts and let them do the job that is best left to the experienced.

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