Asirtum is a Bridge Between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon


With the current focus on scalability and compatibility, bridges will become an integral part of the blockchain landscape. Especially in the future. The Asirtum Bridge opens a new era of interaction. This will eventually open up new opportunities for the benefit of all market participants. Bridge validators, for the service, receive service incentives. Bridges operate on mathematical truths and are free of human error or distortion.

Advantages of Bridges

Along with inherent transparency, bridges have many advantages. They provide the interaction of tokens between different networks. Ethereum can use this feature to unload its transactions to another blockchain. In addition, they help reduce overload on blockchains with high transaction volumes. Thus, providing users – especially DApp developers – a seamless transaction process.

The use of such bridges is an effective way of blockchain growth in sync. It is also an excellent incentive for developers to create DeFi apps that advance the promise of an open financial system. DeFi offers a unique solution: synthetic products that allow conservative investors to earn interest on their stable coins. They also allow traders and crypto-optimists to use their current positions.

Why Use Bridges?

The main task of a blockchain bridge is to provide a connection between several blockchain ecosystems. This allows various tokens to be transferred between them. Asirtum is a bridge between the three largest blockchains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. If you use a blockchain bridge, you get the advantages of all networks. Thereby, avoiding their disadvantages.

Given the existing problems and the need for cross-platform interaction, it is obvious that the idea of blockchain bridges will only develop and improve over time. Asirtumhas a number of great and unique features that set it apart. It has easily found a large and ever-growing number of real-life applications of the bridge for people around the world!

Asirtumis is a Bridge Between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon

DeFi loans in the Asirtum ecosystem

Banks are financial industry giants that facilitate payments, accept deposits, and offer credit lines to individuals, businesses, other financial institutions, and even governments. However, banks are governed by people and are subject to politics. Thus they have risks associated with human factors such as mismanagement and corruption. The crisis exposes the shortcomings of the traditional financial system. It also highlights the need to improve it.

DeFi aspires to create a better financial landscape possible with the advent of the Internet and blockchain technology. Asirtum can make life easier for nearly two billion people who find it difficult to access banking services. You need only a mobile phone and the Internet to access services. Especially as everything happens quickly and without any lengthy verification processes. While it is useful to understand how Ethereum or Polygon works for better visualizing the ecosystem. You don't need to be a cryptocurrency expert to use these tools.

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