Art World Wonder, Pearl Lam's Unwavering Commitment to Art & Artists of the World

Art World Wonder, Pearl Lam's Unwavering Commitment to Art & Artists of the World

Many people would be content with the accolades that international gallerist Pearl Lam has received. In 2023, she was named one of the 'Women of Power' by Prestige. She has also been rightfully called the authority on Asian contemporary art and design. Furthermore, she is the powerhouse of China's art world. But this female icon and entrepreneur of the art world is passionate about art, artists, and different art forms. The result is now going beyond Chinese, Asian, and Western art and artists and prioritizing African art forms, specifically Nigeria.

International Gallerist Pearl Lam's Association with African Artists 

There is a reason why the art world wonder, Pearl Lam is known as the powerhouse of China's art world. She transformed the concept of Chinese art for the Chinese, Asians, and the West by putting contemporary Chinese art by China-born artists on the central stage. However, she also establishes associations with other artists. Lam moved away from the Chinese caricature and jingoism art form and established the multiple cultures, religions, and traditions that influenced Chinese art. While doing that, Pearl Lam kept looking for artists who combined Asian work with other art forms. In 2016, in Singapore at Pearl Lam Galleries, the lady curated Yinka Shonibare's solo exhibition.

Who is Shonibare?

Shonibare is a British-born Nigerian artist well-known for using multi-disciplinary concepts in his art. He was honored with an MBE and, in 2013, became a Royal Academician. His artwork in the Childhood Memories exhibition explored the colorful fabric often synonymous with African identity. The design used is of batik, which originated in Indonesia. According to Shonibare, the Dutch could have appropriated this design, mass-produced it, and sold it to the West African colonies.

It can be argued that Pearl Lam, the Hong Kong-based gallerist, showcased Shonibare in her eponymous Pearl Lam Gallery because the artist used Asian heritage in his art form and was British. After all, this is where Lam spent a significant amount of time. However, if one looks into the art world wonder, Pearl Lam's portfolio, who became a female icon and entrepreneur in the art world, it would be a grave injustice to state these as the only reason to showcase Shonibare in the Pearl Lam Gallery, Singapore.

She is a fundamental force in changing the conversation about art and artists. Especially, those who are not represented in conventional art galleries. While it may have started with Shonibare in 2016, Pearl Lam is passionate about challenging the established norms of her field. Thus, leading to the belief that African folk and contemporary art need gallery space. It was discussed in-depth with African art historian AlayoAkinkugbe in the Pearl Lam's Podcast, episode 2.

Hong Kong-based Gallerist Pearl Lam Forging New Boundaries 

The ninth episode of Pearl Lam's podcast continues to explore African culture and art with OlukemiLijadu. Once again, Pearl Lam, the art world wonder, focuses on art and artistry beyond traditional canvas and paint. It explores the depth of British colonization of Nigeria and the place's multiculturalism with Olukemi. Lam's fascination with putting Nigerian work into the limelight is quite evident. Especially, from podcasts with Nigerian artists and her recent trips to Lagos and other parts of the country.

As the international gallerist, Pearl Lam has already started her patronage of contemporary artists of Africa. She showcased eight African artists in Art Cologne in 2023. This is one of the oldest art fairs in the world in the Pearl Lam Gallery. But Lam doesn't feel her job ends there; after scouting Nigeria for quite some time, she now represents Alimi Adewale, a Nigerian-born artist.

Pearl Lam, the authority on Asian contemporary art and design, is now spotlighting African artists. She believes that representing Nigerian local and contemporary art through her gallery will play a vital role in forging a cross-cultural dialogue. After challenging the world with Chinese contemporary art and design and re-evaluating the perception of the Asian practices interpreted by the West through her gallery exhibitions, Lam is now positioning herself to educate the world about Africa.

Pearl Lam Breaking the Silos & Conventions 

Pearl Lam has never been a conformist. Thus, has never been afraid to break the stereotypes and what is perceived of or from her as an art gallerist. She has disrupted conventions, broken the glass ceiling, and done it whenever there was a need for a shake-up of the art world. Now it seems it's time for such a shake-up for West and Asia. She plans to do this by bringing into the limelight African culture, tribal, and contemporary art. Thus, establishing a new conversation around it.

Lam's clientele and followers are from the UK, Asia, and America. She hopes that by putting forth Nigerian artwork, artifacts, and creativity, a new dialogue can start. One where no longer they are confined to the concept of 'Black Artist' and 'Black Art' because it is an amalgamation of multicultural traditions. For instance, there is Brazilian inspiration in architecture and art in Lagos. Pearl Lam, the art world wonder, wants the art landscape to be defined by every culture and art form. Thus, not stay confined to traditional art and artists.

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