2 Apps to Take Stripe Payments in Person

Stripe in Person Payments
Sometimes for your business it would be handy to accept credit card payments while on the go at an event, tradeshow, or in the field without carrying bulking equipment.  Now you can!  With a Stripe payment processing account and an app, your small business can accept credit cards even without a conventional card reader or scanner, all you need is a smartphone.

For security, Stripe is fully compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). All payment information is safeguarded on Stripe’s secure server. You setup an account and add your bank account routing to your Stripe account as the first key step, but let’s talk a bit more about Stripe in general first.

How is the Stripe System Secured?

The biggest threat to any online credit card payment system is the potential for an attack. The Man-in-the-Middle break-in involves the invasion by a 3rd party with the intent to alter or steal a communication between 2 parties. The Stripe system uses Transport Layer Security (TLS), a replacement for the prior SSL protection, which ensures privacy between the parties. Because of the degree of authentication required to enter and transact between two parties, users can be assured their information will remain safe.

Stripe Payments without a Card Reader

If you’re selling your products at an outside venue, card readers have the tendency to get broken either from the weather or the rough environment. Nothing is more frustrating than having a customer in front of you that wants to give you money, you swiping their card to no avail with no way other way to take it. Here are 2 payment apps that don’t need a card reader and it’s as simple as taking a picture or entering the card number!

  1. Payments for Stripe
    This free app will let you use your smartphone to use Stripe to charge your customers. In 30 seconds or less and in 2 steps a sale can go through.Doing sales outside the USA? Payments for Stripe will take payments in any currency.Want to capture customer information to email a receipt, recurring payments or marketing? Payments for Stripe does this. Payments for Stripe don’t store any of the credit card information. All of that information is stored by Stripe.There are no monthly fees, minimums or subscriptions with Payments for Stripe. The only fee is an additional 1% charge on top of your current Stripe fee.

    Want to use a card reader instead of your smartphone keyboard? You can if you must. Just request it and Payments for Stripe will furnish it.  The key value is the image reader that lets you scan the card with your camera and it pulls in the credit card number and information needed.

  1. PayNow for StripeThis app is free to download from the Google Play Store and iTunes store as well. PayNow makes it quick and easy to take credit cards manually, with a card reader or a tap. Like Payments for Stripe, you can simply scan the card in the app and it will read the card number, or you can enter the card numbers.PayNow for Stripe accepts all currencies. PayNow for Stripe charges no monthly fees or subscription fees. Unlike other payment processors, PayNow charges just a small fee of $.10 per transaction.No credit card info is stored on your phone or in either app. It all goes directly to Stripe via an encrypted connection and Stripe processes the transaction.

How Do I Start with Stripe?

To create a Stripe account, you’ll need to provide personal information and verify your identity and validity of your business. This information may include an Employee Identification Number (EIN), Social Security Number (SSN), driver’s license or passport credentials. A secure login and password will be required to access your Stripe account.

Once you're verified, you’ll need to add a routing and account number for the bank account to which funds will be transferred.

Detailed information is available on the website. A range of FAQs is available for your review also.

That’s it!  There’s no barrier to accepting credit card payments on the go when you have a smartphone and one of these apps with a Stripe account.

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