Apex Trader Funding Review: Does This Proprietary Trading Firm Stand Out?

Apex Trader Funding Review: Does This Proprietary Trading Firm Stand Out?

Navigating the vast sea of trading can be daunting, but what if a compass like Apex Trader Funding was on your side? At its core, this proprietary trading firm offers funding programs to global day traders. Think of them as a key ally in your quest to trade futures with confidence. We'll look at its features, benefits, drawbacks, and price in the next few minutes. Let's get to it!

What is Apex Trader Funding?

It's a global trading firm that empowers day traders around the world. The essence of this company lies in its revolutionary model, granting traders the golden opportunity to leverage Apex's capital, particularly for futures and micro contracts.

You'll find their standout feature, the "One-Step Evaluation Process." Through this, you get a platform to showcase your trading expertise, reach set profit objectives, and ultimately lay claim to a funded trading account.

While its adaptability ensures support for myriad trading strategies to resonate with your unique goals, a little word to the wise: futures trading is akin to walking a tightrope.

With that said, this Apex Trader Funding review aims merely to enlighten, not replace, the guidance of seasoned financial experts. It's always prudent to consult them before making any monetary decisions.

How Does Apex Trader Funding Work?

At its core, Apex Trader Funding functions seamlessly. Your journey begins by opting for an evaluation account, ranging from $25,000 to $300,000. Naturally, the fees associated differ depending on the contract size of your choice. Once on board, the stage is set for the One-Step Evaluation Process. Your mission? Relatively straightforward - achieve the profit landmark within the defined trading days.

However, a couple of rules need your attention. Overstepping the daily loss boundary, maintaining overnight positions, or not achieving the set threshold are clear no-nos. But let's paint a brighter picture. Say you navigate this evaluation maze successfully, abide by all the rules, and achieve the profit target.

What's the prize? An officially funded account invitation governed by the same rulebook. Plus, with their trader dashboard, you can monitor your trading trajectory and orchestrate your account with finesse.

Apex Trader Funding Options

Whether it's starting capital, contract sizes, profit aspirations, or fee structures, there's a fit for every trader. Here's a concise breakdown:

From the 25K FULL to the 300K FULL, a slew of options vary in contract limits, profit aims, and associated costs. For instance, the 25K FULL, the gateway program, sets you up with a $25,000 capital and allows a trade of 4 contracts. Aim for a $1,500 profit, but mind the trailing threshold of equal value. The catch? A monthly fee of $147.

On the other hand, the 300K FULL, the cream of the crop, sets the bar high with a $300,000 starting capital. Here, you're looking at trading up to 35 contracts. The monthly price tag for this elite option stands at $657.

And then there's the 100K STATIC. Unique in its offering, irrespective of your starting capital, your contract limit remains at two contracts. Aiming for a $2,000 profit comes with a monthly charge of $137.

An additional perk: all these choices come bundled with a complimentary NinjaTrader License and real-time data costs. Should you stumble during the evaluation?

But don't worry. Apex offers $80 a pop resets with unlimited chances once you're a funded trader. A modest $85 monthly fee awaits, covering data and the NinjaTrader platform's charges.

And yes, there are one-time fee alternatives. You can click here to sign up for an Apex Trading Funding account now.

Who is Apex Trader Funding Best For?

Apex Trader Funding might just be your trading soulmate if:

You're a day trader: Tailored to those who thrive in day trading, their simplified guidelines combined with the allure of trading on the company's dime can be a game-changer.

You value flexibility: With an array of trading strategies up its sleeve, this firm is a dream come true for those who seek adaptability.

Big contract sizes are your game: With contract sizes escalating to $300,000, Apex Trader Funding beckons traders with an appetite for sizable contracts.


  • Diverse account sizes, reaching up to $300,000
  • A user-friendly rule set
  • Embracing an expansive range of trading strategies, inclusive of news trading
  • A tempting profit split


  • No overnight positions


Dip your toes into the world of Apex Trader Funding, and what you'll find is a streamlined platform ideal for traders eyeing a funded account for futures trading. Their One-Step Evaluation Process, lucid rules, and acceptance of an array of trading strategies make them stand out in the crowded realm of prop trading. If you're a day trader with aspirations to secure funding and fancy trading contracts up to $300,000, this might be your next stop. Moreover, to sweeten the deal, don't forget to take advantage of this Apex Trader Funding coupon for exclusive discounts. So, as you venture forth, remember to trade futures confidently and always look for the best prop trading firms to elevate your trading journey.

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