Answered: Your FAQs on Managing Travel Expenses

Answered: Your FAQs on Managing Travel Expenses

Having a firm handle on all your expenses is essential for running a successful business. A huge contributing factor to your overall company spend is the money that goes towards business travel.

You need to ensure your travel expenses are managed with the utmost accuracy and efficiency.  This will likely lead you on to many questions, regarding how this can be done.

Read on, to find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) on managing travel expenses.


  • What is travel expense management?

Travel expense management is the process of handling all the expenses created by your business travel.

There are various reasons why your business may need to conduct travel. There may be an event to attend, a business meeting scheduled, or other circumstances that require a journey.

When traveling, there are various costs to take into account, including flight costs, petrol, accommodation, food, and many more. Many countries, including the US and Germany per diem laws, require businesses to pay travel expenses. In California, employers may provide California per diem payments to cover the costs of meals, lodging, and other incidentals while traveling for work.

Therefore, it’s essential your company has an effective way of monitoring and addressing every expense included in your travel, for awareness, visibility, and cost-efficiency.

  • How should you manage your travel expenses?

There are many different ways you can manage your travel expenses.

One of the most common ways is through traditional recording and logging of paper receipts. With every expense, the receipts are sent to the finance team, who records the data manually.

However, among the many different methods of travel expense management, one of the most effective is using travel expense management software.

This takes every aspect of standard travel expense management, and conducts it digitally through one central platform, whilst also including a range of tools and features to enhance the process.

Travel expense management software is the superior method of handling your travel expenses more optimally, so you can make the most out of your travel, and be more cost-efficient whilst doing it.

  • Who can use travel expense management software?

The software is useable for any and every business looking to manage their travel expenses as effectively as possible

Almost every business, regardless of industry, conducts some form of business travel, and can incur many costs along the way.

Therefore, the software can ensure high-quality management of all these expenses involved in your journey.

  • What’s the best software to purchase?

There is a wide range of different expense management software available, each offering something different for your business.

To ensure you choose the right one, make sure you purchase from a trusted provider, offering expert software with the utmost accuracy and efficiency, as well as a range of useful features.

  • Is the software easy to use?

Travel expense management software should be as easy and accessible as possible, to increase the efficiency of the process. All your travel expense management can be on one platform, including many useful tools and features.

The software can create and organize simple budgeting methods for your business. Thus, helping you and your finance team to manage travel expenses as easily as possible.

  • Does the software require manual input?

Unlike most methods of travel expense management, the software handles much of the process automatically, to streamline how your business manages travel spending, and make the process less time-consuming.

For instance, receipt uploads, expense approvals, and business budget alerts can be setup automatically by the software. Much of your manual input is simply choosing how you want the software to run.

  • What features does the software offer?

The software offers a wide range of features to help elevate your business’s travel expense management. These can include:

  • Transparent dashboard – this allows you to have full visibility of every expense during travel. This will help you monitor spending much more effectively.
  • Travel reconciliation – the software can offer one-click travel reconciliation, which will save huge amounts of time from manually closing the books for each journey.
  • Spend limits – these will cap the amount you can spend during your travel, to help you or your employees to stay within budget and adhere to broader company goals.
  • Real-time insights – this offers meaningful suggestions on every transaction, to help you spend more cost-efficiently. For example, cheaper accommodation alternatives.

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