An Alternative to Quickbooks Online for Businesses

An Alternative to Quickbooks Online for Businesses

Perhaps you are looking for an alternative to Quickbooks accounting software. Accounting software use isn’t limited to only business owners who need help with their business's finances. Many individuals, nowadays, are going paperless and switching to environmentally friendly solutions that will not only help the environment, but it will make their job much easier. However, for business owners and startups, environmental concerns aren’t the only reasons they are migrating to online accounting platforms. Rather, it has become a necessity to boost business efficiency.

QuickBooks has managed to dominate the industry of software accounting with its ease of use, price point, and marketing skills. However, some small business users and individuals are searching for better alternatives that can offer them more without having to pay a high price point. There is one particular free alternative that has managed to steal the show these days with the exceptional advantages it offers. Wave accounting was launched back in 2009; however, it has managed to establish its name among more than 3.5 million users around the globe. In this article, we will explore this QuickBooks alternative and go through its several advantages.

Cheap Doesn’t Always Mean Poor Quality 

Wave offers one of the most important advantages to any business which is affordability. Not only does this accounting software offer its core functionalities completely for free, but it also offers quality and efficiency alongside its free features. With the number of features, Wave offers to its users; it has allowed many entrepreneurs and freelancers to manage their invoices without the pressure of paying money for every service they need.

Extremely Easy to Use 

Let’s all agree that handling business finances including expenses, invoices, and employees’ salaries isn’t the easiest thing in the world, yet it’s the core of a successful business. When you combine finances with technology, this puzzling equation becomes even harder to solve. However, Wave as an alternative software has managed to make an online accounting ridiculously easy to the extent that it’s considered to be the easiest accounting app online. Its seamless interface and the availability of every feature within a few clicks of a button have made it easy for people to get used to and learn in a matter of a few minutes. All you need to do is create an email and good internet access and you are ready to go without even having to install any apps.

Take Accounting to The Next Level

While business owners can handle their businesses’ finances with all the presented free services and features, some might still want to take their accounting function to the next level. Wave offers this chance to users with its add-on services to stay on top of their games. You have the chance to integrate all your accounting activities into one accounting online platform. Wave even offers some add-on services for free and other features with a pay-as-you-go fee.

 Accuracy and Speed

Two of the most important benefits any online accounting software should offer are accuracy and speed. Wave developers have realized how important these two factors are and made sure to prioritize them. Wave offers real-time data that allows businesses to streamline their transactions. Along with all the other advantages this online accounting software offers, these two points make the software more reliable to its customers to be able to trust the app with their business finances.

Customizable Invoicing

Many business owners and freelancers prefer to customize their invoices to be as individual as they are. With Wave software, you can easily make exceptional invoices that you will feel proud to send out. All you need to do is to access the settings section and choose the option for invoice customization. This way you will have access to three free templates where you can customize various invoices features.

Alternative to Quickbooks Online for Businesses

There is another add-on that is available for free, it allows transactions and invoices to be reflected automatically on your account’s activities. The importance of this add-on feature is that it allows you to receive reminders and updates. You also have the option to create multiple currency invoices along with the availability of automatic payments, statement reminders, and other apps that can be utilized to send out invoices, and much more. There is also automation of sales tax available.

Making sure that you choose accounting software that suits your needs are extremely crucial to the success of your business regardless of whether you are a freelancer or a small business owner. Other than the price point of the software you are considering, it’s important to take into consideration the availability of all the needed features for your business. Wave has managed to strike balance between affordability, quality, and reliability as an alternative to Quickbooks with its various features and different add-on services.

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