WaveApps Accounting Software

WaveApps Accounting Software1

WaveApps is a fast, simple and incredibly capable way of managing your small business accounting online. It's similar to Quickbooks Online, yet totally free! To sign up, a business name, email and street address are all that’s needed.

WaveApps takes care of:

  • Accounting
  • Invoices
  • Payroll

Additionally, WaveApps connects with many banks and credit unions nationally, making it easy to sync transactions and balance your books.

Set Up Accounting

WaveApps makes it easy and safe to link a bank account or Paypal accounts to the service for real-time accounting information. View transactions, pay a vendor or receive payments from clients.

Create an Invoice

The app allows users to accept credit cards as well as physical payments. Wave Payments is automatically built into invoices, so the user is paid quickly.

Credit card processing is one way WaveApps makes money. It's free to sign up to receive payments via credit card, but the app takes 30 cents per incoming payment and an additional 2.9%. The same fee that PayPal and Stripe charge for incoming payments.

WaveApps also generates income via sidebar product ads and paid customer support. It is a totally web based software so you can login from any Internet connected device.

If you travel or are on the go often outside the office, this accounting tool is for you! Login from any Internet ready device.


Have employees? No problem! Payroll is super easy with WaveApps:

  • Review and approve payroll with a few clicks
  • No penalties, payroll accuracy is guaranteed
  • Free direct deposit
  • Automatic accounting
  • This feature starts at $19 per month

Overall, the usability of the app is great. It has a convenient WordPress-style dashboard on the left side of the screen. The dashboard has large, easily clickable buttons that are simple (and not frustrating) to use from any type of device.

The dashboard allows the user to simply:

  • View and print all transactions
  • Print and view all invoices
  • View and print all bills
  • See, analyze and print all reports including balance sheet, income statement, and sales tax report
  • Upload pictures of paper receipts to be seamlessly integrated into Wave’s accounting tools
  • Easily add or subtract employees from payroll
  • Access a network of local Wave Pro Accountants who can help organize and optimize books, offer tax help as well as customize WaveApp for a tailored experience

In addition to this great platform, WaveApp offers live help with a direct line to the headquarters (no robots!) and live online chat support. They're working hard to give users access to “power in numbers” business savings deals such as tax services and other necessities.

Overall, WaveApps offers a seamless approach to managing small business finances. The free version is robust, and the service also offers accounting management for your personal finance and bank accounts. Wave is one of the best QuickBooks alternatives.

Another great alternative to QuickBooks and WaveApps is Bonsai: an all-in-one business management and financial suite for freelancers and small businesses. Along with other features, they have integrated accounting, invoicing, and tax features seamlessly allowing users to fully automate their workflow.

If you've grown weary of Quickbooks software and want a less costly solution, then WaveApps is something to consider but if you are still worried about managing the tool you can hire an Accountant. It’s much easier today to search in Google. Simply type in Accountants plus your area. if you’re near Coventry, Goggle “Accountants Coventry” and you’ll find companies that can help you.

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