Affiliate Marketing in the New Economy

Affiliate Marketing in the New Economy

In mid to late 2019, the world was running on an economic highpoint. No matter what the naysayers said, the business was booming, commerce was rising, and stocks were way, way up. The S&P 500 was so over the expected point that nobody knew what to do with all of this potential. They doubled down.

Then, in the first quarter of 2020, SARS-cov-2 hit. Everything fell. Every single imaginable industry took a hit so hard that it brought massive conglomerates to a trench they did not foresee. It wasn’t a housing bubble. It wasn’t a dot com bubble. It was a virus. When a global crisis like this happens, there will be some companies that go under. It’s an inevitability that is cold and a bit hard to take.

But for those that continued, they are looking at a new economy. Instead of trying to chip at the same model, smart businesses are poised to adapt. They’re starting to find ways and means to grow amidst the fear and isolation of a highly contagious, and even more politicized virus.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the number one means of getting your name and your brand out there. It is the single most effective post-COVID method of advertising. If one were to equate the reach of affiliate marketing in the current global context, it’s like having a giant billboard in front of every single home and every single freeway. You are not held within the bounds of any sort of physical structure. You’re in everybody’s pocket. You’re in everybody’s television now that mainstream media and the “Big 6” is taking a massive decline.

As much as one might think that the vastness of the Internet would dilute any sort of profitability in affiliate marketing, that is simply not true. One can target demographics and use analytics to their advantage. You can even focus on regional businesses and promote the most niche of products. Affiliate marketing, among other online means, is the new normal.

Creating A Good Base

If you were looking to expand your reach, start a new business, or add experience to your already growing list, affiliate marketing is a great avenue to get into. It does have its complexities, but it’s not outside of anyone’s capacity to learn. Some of the top educators online have come together at Wealthy Affiliate to address this learning gap. Compared to other means of learning, like random YouTube channels and aimless Google searches, an actual results-based environment is provided by Wealthy Affiliate. Because of this, and the educational benchmarks that they have established, you will go from zero to competent in record time.

Why Choose Wealthy Affiliate?

You might be asking yourself: “why can’t I just pool together random resources and pick out what I think is useful?“ Well, to put it bluntly, it’s a waste of your time. The amount of overtly flashy and unorganized opinion on the Internet regarding affiliate marketing is beyond comprehension. For every individual with solid experience, giving you a step-by-step breakdown, there are 1000 16-year-olds with a rented Ferrari telling you how you can get rich quick just like them.

Being able to go beyond the aimless “golden nuggets“ and get to the root of a working business model is a whole job in and of itself. If you take advantage of a specific course that has been proven time and time again to produce real closers, you can stick by their guarantee that you will learn what is necessary. They’re not going to sell you an unending stream of false promises. Eventually, the proof of its effectiveness is in how much you ultimately will earn with the tools given to you by Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing in the New Economy

Start Local

There’s this idea among a lot of beginners that you have to immediately land the big clients. A lot of affiliate marketing rookies will try to chase the big-fish leads that yield large sums of cash from the get-go. The thing is, there’s been a massive shift in the market. Small businesses with traditional storefronts have shut down in the past few months. In many places, foot traffic has slumped down to zero. Because of this, local businesses have decided to take their operations online. Many of them have adapted cloud-based services to be able to handle day-to-day dealings. Most importantly, the commercials that you used to see on local access, or even cable television, no longer exist. They are more likely to advertise within their area via the Internet.

As an affiliate marketing manager, you are in a unique position to give back to your community by providing them access to state of the art, targeted means of getting their product out to potential customers. You have the ability to use analytics to make sure that the most interested people get to see the brand. Now is the time for trusted, local, down-home food, services and goods. For people who have been in business for decades and may not be aware of the power of affiliate marketing, you can be part of their paradigm shift and make their business thrive in the new market.

Invest in YOU

The best way to think about your start in affiliate marketing is that it's an investment. If you invest the time and energy to a course like Wealthy Affiliate, you’re clearly making an investment in you and your future. You, and only you, are a safe bet. There is no stock or commodity that is immune to the new conditions of the market. You may see that big companies are skyrocketing based on futures and leaned-out operations. You may see those exact same companies tank in the coming months. Nobody is safe from the volatility. The smartest place to be is in support of any business that seeks to grow. In this market, you cannot lose with that model. If a company that you work with takes a slump, there are always other high-level clients that you can be accessing with diligence and persistence.

Adapting to trying times, and seeing the opportunity where everyone else sees negativity is a hallmark trait of a wise and innovative individual. Where people look at the S&P 500 in a panic, you can choose to see the potential in your own community with people expanding to the Internet. Providing that service to help is invaluable, and, along the way, you might just rake in some profits yourself.

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