7 Outdated Office Tasks that Can Now Be Modernized

7 Outdated Office Tasks that Can Now Be Modernized

Over the past few decades or so, technology has greatly revolutionized how business is done. Projects and tasks that used to take weeks or months to finish can now be done in a fraction of the time. Thanks to technology, reaching out to consumers, selling to them, and converting them into loyal customers is not as hard as it used to be. Modern technology allows businesses to save money and resources on certain tasks, which can be used in other areas of the business to maximize growth and returns. Business operations are also much more efficient than they used to be in the past. However, only those with the most advanced technology get to benefit the most, stay ahead of their competition and soar their ventures to higher levels.

In other words, modernizing your office operations can easily transform your business into a giant in your specific industry. You will need to look at newer innovations such as the top mass text services.  But it has to start somewhere, right? It has to start by identifying weak points and determining which tasks or operations need to be given a modern touch. 

On this note, here is a list of 7 outdated office tasks that can now be modernized.

1. Mailing (Get a Franking Machine)

While the need to send paper mail greatly reduced with the coming of modern communication tools such as email, social media, and SMS, postal mail still remains important to businesses. For starters, postal mail has a professional touch to it. Especially considering the hassle it takes to write a letter, design a postcard or wrap a parcel, apply post stamps, and send it, it communicates to the recipient how important they are to your business or how important the contents of the package are.

But traditional postage methods come with their fair share of drawbacks. For instance, the process of applying postage stamps on mail, driving to the post office, and spending time in the long queues can be so draining and time-consuming. To modernize the process, you may want to get a franking machine for your office. It allows you to save time and money while also using your mail as a marketing tool for your business. However, these machines are highly regulated and to avoid mailing inconveniences, it is important to get yours from a trusted provider of franking machines. A quality franking machine can turn your office into an in-house post office, enabling you to send your mail in bulk without a problem. Depending on your office’s needs and the amount of mail you send monthly, there are various options to choose from, including low-volume, medium volume, and high-volume franking machines.

2. Paper Filing (Use Digital and Cloud Storage)

While physical documents are still important, the paper-filing system comes with numerous drawbacks. For instance, sensitive data and crucial information could be lost in case there’s a fire or a catastrophic event such as a flood. To modernize data management at the offices, modern businesses are shifting towards a paperless approach. This is where most of the important data is stored and computer hard drives, with a cloud backup in case the HDD gets damaged. Embracing cloud storage also enhances productivity in the office since such information can be retrieved upon demand regardless of where the individual is. What’s more, there are many free and upgradeable products you can use, including Google Drive and Dropbox.

3. Project Management (Use Productivity Software)

If your business involves keeping certain tasks and projects closely monitored, you no longer have to struggle to ask for written reports from your employees or sifting through piles of paperwork from various team members to stay updated. With modern productivity tools like Asana, Basecamp, Slack, and Zoom, you’re able to stay up-to-date with progress on various tasks while efficiently communicating with your clients and employees. Since these apps are accessible through modern communication gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and computers, you also don’t have to drive to the office on a Sunday afternoon just to get an update about a particular project.

4. Hiring (Use HR Software System)

This one is not exactly an outdated task since businesses will always need new employees at some point. However, employing modern technology in your HR department can save a lot of time and resources for your business. Using good HR software can allow your office to save a huge chunk of time and resources such as stationery, which can be put to other productive uses. Little things like this can often go a long way, so it certainly has its benefits. Moreover, new employers no longer have to fill out different types of forms, most of which ask for the same information, for instance. Hiring software - such as Aeon Hire - will also help with screening and onboarding, so non-eligible employees won't have to be called and interviewed.

5. Administrative Tasks (Try Virtual Assistants)

On the day to day running of a business, there are many important administrative tasks to be handled. There are calls to be answered, emails to be replied to, the files that need transcription, appointments to be monitored, bills to be managed, and so forth. One way you can improve efficiency is through using virtual assistants. This could be a VA services company or even free tools like Siri and Alexa. 

6. Bookkeeping and Finance Tasks (Automate)

Thanks to advanced tech, bookkeeping & accounting tasks are easier, now more than ever. Keeping track of transactions and receipts, managing invoices, clearing bills, there’s a wide range of software applications that can help automate finance-related tasks in your business. From QuickBooks to Xero, FreshBooks, Wave, and Zoho, these tools can help you save a lot of time and effort from your financial tasks while minimizing errors and improving efficiency.

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7. Signing Documents (Encourage Digital Signatures)

In an office setting, signing paperwork is not a new thing. However, using manual signatures can have many drawbacks, especially for contracts where the other signee is a huge distance away. By using programs like Docusign, you can simply append your digital signature, send the document over email to the other signee and receive it back in minutes rather than having to wait days or weeks for the signed paper to be sent back via traditional mail.

We live in a modern society where time and resources are scarce. Additionally, competition is still and any second lost by your office is an advantage to your competitors in business. Modernizing your office tasks through the tips above can help improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability, all of which are paramount to the success and growth of your business and brand.

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