5 Ways To Engage Your Team and Drive Better Results

5 Ways To Engage Your Team and Drive Better Results

Driving results in your organization can help you to improve productivity and facilitate business growth in your company. But where do you start in making changes to help you drive growth and build a better business?

Building a better business and driving results all start at the top. You cannot expect everyone in the company to fall in line if an example isn't being set from the top. As an owner or manager of a business, you need to pay attention to your behavior and actions. Ensure they are all geared towards getting the best results from your team and hitting your targets.

This post looks at how you can drive results as a business owner to make the necessary improvements.

Improve Communication

You need to ensure that you have clarity within your team. This means that everything you say or do is done with purpose and communicated so there are no crossed wires. Find an effective method of communication using collaboration tools to reduce the possibility of missed messages or directions. Pay attention to face-to-face interactions between yourself and your team. Then, determine how you get the point across and whether or not it is effective. Don't leave any room for doubt. Be clear, concise, and to the point when communicating what you want and need from your team. This way everyone is on the same page.

Be Accountable

You need to hold yourself accountable and hold your team responsible, too. Not having designated tasks or having people accountable for specific roles and actions will lead to things being overlooked and incomplete. This is because everyone thought someone else was doing it when, in reality, not one person did it.

You need to be accountable and give your team the autonomy to make their own decisions and be held responsible. While this doesn't mean that you let go of the reins altogether, it does mean you need to assess the level of supervision each individual needs. Thus, allow them to take charge and show you what they're made of. This way, you can hold them accountable for actions they perform.

Make Decisions

To really drive results, you need to be making well-thought-out decisions. There needs to be a process to everything you do. Ensure you also have a reason behind why. Good leaders know the importance of decision-making and involving others in the final decision to get a more rounded input for a more informed result.

You need to convey the why behind each decision. Ensure your team fully understands and is on board with the decisions you put in place. The reality of running a business is that every single decision you make is different. Thus, it needs different considerations. Involving relevant employees or departments allows you to think through the ramifications before putting decisions in place. This fosters a more profound unification in your team. Furthermore, this ensures everyone buys into your changes. Thus, you can get better results that are more focused on your goals and objectives.

Ask The Right Questions

A successful leader who can deliver results and elevate achievements knows how to ask the right questions. Do we need to work with a marketing agency like Catalyst Marketing Agency to help us improve our marketing? What results can we aspire to gain? Will outsourcing free up time? How much more productive can the team be with a reduced caseload thanks to outsourcing?

Should I reevaluate my spending or input on a project to wrap things up quickly? Or, can my team refocus to seal the deal? Where do I want to be, and how can I get there? A myriad of questions will likely run through your head daily. But, knowing when to ask the questions and what to ask can hopefully set you apart and drive discussion for improved results. Using a Buyers Agent can assist in avoiding making mistakes.

Including team members in conversations and asking them for input and feedback can allow you to identify issues and roadblocks. Thus, allowing you to work your way through them and make the necessary improvements for results. From here, you can then ask a secondary line of questioning to keep the conversation flowing. Is there anything else? Have we missed anything? Can you tell more about why you feel this way? What brought you to this conclusion? These valid questions invite people to share more, allowing you to glean more information that furthers your goals.

Driving results essentially means you need to be able to connect with your team to allow you to become a better leader. Thus, get the best from those who work with you and around you.

You need to pay attention to the goings on within your business and show that you are making yourself and others accountable. Then, you can make informed decisions for the better and improve your communication to eliminate crossed wires.

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