5 Tips to Find Good Writers for Your Online Business

Bloggers are the news reporters of the twenty-first century. Some people write for a living; some consider it to be a hobby. Consumers and casual internet users always want more content.

People want to read, but they don’t want to open a book and go through some boring medieval stories. This drives the need for almost every website to have a blog with up-to-date information.

Such a demand for new original content increases the number of employers looking for writers.

But good writing is expensive, and cheap writers are unreliable. So, where do you, as a business owner, find professional writers at an affordable rate? In this article, you will find some tips on how to find writers for your blog.


Tips to find good writers for your online business


EssayPro is an academic writing service, and its arguably best feature is the ability to choose your own writer.

Despite being an essay writing platform, you can also place an order for a blog post or even a news article. After that, you choose a writer depending on their expertise in the necessary field. Then you just wait for your perfect content to be created.

Their prices are tailored to cater to students' needs, which makes the services super affordable. You can have a one-page paper written for as little as $11. However, it turns out even cheaper if you buy in bulk.

So, if you place an order for five pages, with an article on each page, it will cost you $43, bringing the fee per page to just $8.3. Impressive, right?


Medium is a website connecting readers to writers and the other way around. It’s a publishing platform created by Evan Williams, the head of Twitter.

You can sign up for $5 a month and read the content that sparks your interest. Yet, since this article is not really about reading, let's get to the point.

After taking some time to explore the site, you can find aspiring writers. They may not be professional blog post creators, but that doesn’t make them less good.

Just like the majority of social media platforms, this one promotes already popular authors. Try connecting with those that have less following. This will allow you to keep the prices lower. You can either ask them to re-publish the existing content or order a new piece for your site.


If you haven’t heard about this website, you must live under a rock.

UpWork is a really popular platform, connecting freelancers to employers. You can hire a person to work with you for the long term, or you cooperate on a single project basis. The choice is yours.

The number of professionals and the variety of their expertise will surprise you. To get started, you need to post a job listing and then choose one of the freelancers willing to take your order.

Writing jobs are usually paid hourly, and you can find a freelancer for as little as $3 per hour. However, native English speakers usually charge more.

So, the prices here vary significantly, from $10 to $110/hour. Depending on your purpose and the kind of content you need, you can choose an appropriate rate.

After an order or a few, if you are comfortable working with a particular writer, and you feel like your cooperation is everything you wanted, you can always hire that person to collaborate on a permanent basis.

Guru is a website similar in features to UpWork, but their main difference is the transaction fee.

You can post a job there for free as well, and choose a freelancer based on their experience. On Guru, you can also see the freelancer’s feedback right on their profile; you don’t need to sign in.

There are more parameters available to choose a writer. One of the best features is their yearly income. This number helps you tell for how long the person has been working with Guru and how active one is on the platform.

The main reason employers enjoy this site is the fee. They take 2.5% per transaction from an employer and 8.95% from a freelancer.

UpWork has a less transparent system, but their charge for freelancers is higher. Specialists have to give up 20% of their earnings from the first $500.


This platform is free for writers, but employers have to sign up for a membership.

The prices vary, but the basic plan is $39 per month. For this price, you will get access to copywriters, journalists, and blog writers. For $79, you can also get to editors and translators, and enjoy the access to free images.

The most expensive plan costs $99 per month. Such a membership gives you access to animators, designers, and more skilled professionals. Each plan has a 2-week free trial.

The best part about this site is that it specializes in writing, allowing you to apply more specific criteria to the type of content needed.

The platform also takes pride in its AI-powered search. Another great feature is that you can request revisions. If the content is still not up to par, you can refuse to pay.

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Wrapping Up

There are plenty of ways to connect with professional writers today. We hope that the ways you've found above will prove useful.

The main thing to note is that no good content comes for free. And if you are not willing to pay for it, prepare to read and edit poorly-written texts.

If you are just starting, and your budget is too tight for a writer, you can always try creating yourself. There are multiple guides and helpful tips. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.  However, think of great content as an investment in your future.  A great writing team, like those at can help you achieve results faster through great written content.

Even if now you think you will never be able to grow your business, just keep working. But, work smarter, not harder.

Good content is an essential investment, especially for a business operating online. Polished Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts are exactly what will drive new clients to choose your product or service.

Perfect articles on your website will retain the existing ones. Keep building up your brand, and don’t give up. The competition is stiff, but you have the power to find good writers and be on top.

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