5 Simple Ways to Outsource Your Customer Support

Simple Ways to Outsource Your Customer Support

Many positives come when you choose to outsource your customer support department. You’ll lower your operational cost, increase support coverage and improve your geographic reach. But, you need to hire experienced agents to get the most out of this transition. If you plan on scaling your business, these simple outsourcing solutions will help you complete your long-term goals.

5 Ways to Outsource Your Customer Service Department

There are 5 common customer support types you can outsource, but you don’t have to choose between one or another. You can combine different methods or outsource to different teams.

The most popular options, call centers, and freelancing need to be vetted carefully. Although both can offer expert support and quality employees, the process required to find the best candidates is extensive. Keep that in mind when looking over the following departments.

1. Email

Outsource your customer support via email. This is a safe bet because your customers don’t expect you to get back to them right away. This gives the representative plenty of time to research and conduct a professional and well-thought-out response. You can improve the effectiveness of your outsourced email team by investing in one of the help desk software described in this article.

2. Live Chat

Live chat is similar to email but requires an immediate response. You’ll need to hire skilled agents that can quickly find an appropriate answer to a customer complaint.

Although grammar and tone are essential when speaking to a customer on live chat, you don’t have to hire candidates that have a native grasp of the language. Depending on what product or service you offer, slang and a few misspellings or grammar mishaps won’t make your company look unprofessional. Most customers expect a more casual conversation through live chat.

3. Social Media

Social media is multifaceted, and you may need more than one communicator per platform. There are social media managers that are well versed in the websites you need. But, you’ll still need a larger team to handle a wide variety of messages. On social media, your customers expect a quick response, and in Twitter's case, a complete answer in less than 280 characters.

You’ll need to establish a brand voice more than ever for a social media team. This is because they need to know which type of content is appropriate for marketing purposes.

4. Call Centers

Call centers are the perfect option for businesses that handle a high volume of customer calls. But, many agencies' turnover rate is often an issue. Be sure to research in the following areas:

  • Primary Language: Conduct test calls to ensure your customer base can communicate effectively with the vendor. A language barrier can quickly grow frustrating for the representative and customer if both parties can’t understand each other.
  • Incentives: Find vendors that offer incentives to customer service representatives, like bonuses, vacations, or raises, whenever they solve a complaint or issue.
  • Test Calls: You also need to conduct test calls to see if the agent can address a customer issue without escalating the problem.
  • Calling Tools: Find a vendor that provides or allows you to provide software that records each interaction with the customer and also makes their job easier.
  • Testimonials: Do they have positive reviews, or do they have a bad reputation? If you will consider offshore outsourcing, make sure to work with contact centres in the Philippines, Malaysia, and other countries with outstanding customer support.

5. Freelancing

If you have a small team or want to hire someone who can specifically handle one aspect of customer service, hire a remote worker or freelancer. Choosing to outsource your customer support to a freelancer is a great way to stay on budget and get the required help. The only downside is that recruitment can take days. However, you can limit your options by focusing on the following:

  1. Personality and Goals: The best candidates will have long-term career goals and intend to stick around for a while. Customer service isn’t always easy, and you need to find someone who is empathetic, patient, and a great fit within your support team.
  2. Referrals: Speak to your team members before searching job boards to find the best candidates, as 82% of above-average employees come from this hiring method.
  3. Search Job Boards: While you can start at Freelancer and Upwork, Slack at Work,, and Remote OK tend to have more experienced freelancers.

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