Six Areas You May Want To Outsource As A Small Business

areas to outsource as a small business

As your small business starts to grow, you will find yourself needing skills that aren’t in your skillset. This is normal and is usually when a small business starts to either recruit or outsource as a small business to get the expertise that they need. 

The tasks that usually get outsourced are those that require you to learn a lengthy skill or require you to complete tasks that could be completed by someone who doesn’t need to run a business. Payroll services and using a marketing agency are some of the most common areas that small businesses outsource. 

If you are thinking about outsourcing, have a look at some of the common areas below: 

Legal Needs 

There are going to be several times that your business needs to tackle legal elements of the business. This usually the first area that needs a certain level of expertise to ensure that things don’t go wrong. It can be expensive to hire a legal team in-house, especially if you are hiring lawyers for different areas of the business. It’s not always necessary to have one employed all the time. Therefore, outsourcing is a brilliant way for you to make use of services such as: 

  • A  single SMB lawyer to handle all legal requirements 
  • A freelance solicitor or lawyer who gets to know your business 
  • Or various lawyers in a team to deal with different requirements. 

Admin Requirements

Your employees are probably spending more time on admin duties than you would like to admit. If you looked at it closely you would find that your skilled staff are using their time and skills on simple duties that could be completed elsewhere, and probably quicker. It is a good choice to use outsourcing as a way to minimize costs and maximize output in this area. For instance, if you own a dental practice, it would be a wise move to hire a remote dental assistant to streamline administrative responsibilities, allowing your employees to focus on the core objectives of the business. As a small business, there are several areas where outsourcing can prove beneficial, including:

  • Travel arrangements
  • Virtual assistant 
  • Data collection
  • Research
  • Surveys, polling, and other focus group tests. 
  • Compiling reports
  • Document management and organization
  • Calendar management 
  • Customer service emails
  • Preparing and taking notes
  • Personal errands 
  • Editing/proofreading

Financial Management 

This is one of the most common areas that a small business outsources and that is because it can take up a lot of time. You need to keep your financial accounts organized throughout the year rather than just the end of the financial year. You could learn how to do it yourself, however, using a qualified and skilled accountant, bookkeeper, or payroll outsourcing partner in Jordan will likely be easier and more efficient to enable you to keep doing what you do best. 

Marketing And Lead Generation 

Marketing can be one of the most challenging areas for a small business, especially when it comes to social media. When you are first starting out and business is slow, you can easily market yourself, however, it won’t take long for you to lose track and miss opportunities if you can’t keep up as your business grows. If you miss opportunities to market properly, then your business will ultimately limit the speed of growth, and you may mess up your business for good. 

Marketing is the key to growing your business, therefore, you need to make sure you have the time to make a commitment to it. Outsourcing your marketing does not mean you can’t be involved, in fact, you still gave complete control and get to choose who you use. From social media specialists to services that deal with every single aspect of marketing for your business, there are many options for you to choose from. It’s all about researching and finding the right fit for your business. 

IT And Technology 

No matter how tech-savvy you are, it is usually the better choice to outsource your IT and technology needs. 

Technology needs lead to a steep learning curve. This means it may not be worth your skills and time to learn how to code an app, web develop, migrate your info to cloud services, optimize your blog or website, or implement two-factor authorization for your data. The cost of your time and needs for you to handle your own IT requirements is probably more expensive than if you hired someone through outsourcing to do it for you. Unless you are going to use these skills elsewhere, it is important for you to really consider if it is worth your time. 

You could choose to maintain your own website if you have the skills to do it, however, if there are other areas such as updating your computers, you may want to ask your outsourced team to complete these tasks.  It's a key area you may want to outsource as a small business.

Most IT duties are doable yourself, but, they may cost you a huge chunk of time, which should be spent elsewhere. If your original skillset doesn’t lie in this area, then you are probably better off outsourcing your IT and technology needs elsewhere. Before you decide to outsource your requirements, you should always check that you don’t have someone in your team who can already do it. 


HR can definitely take up a lot of time, even more so when your business and teams grow. Very time you recruit a new member of the team, the obligations and requirements of your HR team grow. As well as this, if anything in the HR department gets mishandled such as in payroll, hiring, firing, or poor employee performance, it can be costly and lead to an array of further problems. Some could even lead to lawsuits. 

Depending on your business needs, you may look at human resource outsourcing to providers who can deal with all your needs or specific areas of need. For example, you may decide to use recruitment agencies for headhunting, a payroll service to ensure your employees are paid correctly and on time, and a PEO who can look after any benefit. On top of this, you may also want to make sure you have access to legal advice relating to anything to do with human resources. 

These are all areas that small businesses outsource and work well with the runnings of a small business. Do you outsource anything already? Or are you thinking about outsourcing any areas of your business? Hopefully, this post gives you some great ideas on what to outsource as a small business.

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