5 Powerful Marketing Ideas for Your Transportation Business

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Build credibility and trust, increase brand visibility, and generate new business – these are just some of the advantages of marketing your business. With more than 500,000 trucking companies in the U.S. and unstable economic conditions, the industry grows more and more competitive. To remain competitive in a cutthroat industry, it’s important to take every opportunity to improve your business, such as taking out transportation loans or implementing effective marketing tactics. 

To give you an idea, here are five effective ways to market your transportation business:

1. Make a User-Friendly Website

If you don’t have a website for your transportation company, you’re definitely missing out on a lot of business. Your target market will search for your services online and if you don’t have a website, you’ll lose a potential customer to your competitor. 

When you make your website, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary information, such as your contact details, the types of services you provide, prices, and your location. Furthermore, user-friendliness is an important factor your customers expect from you. Speed is also a crucial factor because if your website takes too long to load, your customers will leave. Make sure not to put a lot of heavy images and other elements that can slow down your website.  

Your website visitors should be able to navigate through your page seamlessly. Furthermore, make sure your website is well designed too. Get trucking website design services from The Whit Group, and make sure it has the necessary pages like the Privacy Policy, Terms, and Conditions, About Us, etc. to improve credibility.

2. Hand Out Flyers

With today’s technological advancement, many people shun the idea of print ads, especially flyers. However, handing out flyers is not only cost-effective, but it’s also effective in promoting your business. If it’s tastefully designed, these one-page marketing ads will instantly attract people. You can hand out flyers from anywhere – outside your office, in a mall, or by a supermarket. If you give a flyer to your target market, they will definitely notice your company. On the other hand, if they don’t need your services, they can pass on your flyer to friends and family who need it. 

Don’t skimp on making your flyers. It’s important to draw people’s attention with high quality, colorful flyers. Here are some of the techniques you can use:

  • Use colorful graphics.
  • Write a catchy headline.
  • Organize your flyer and make sure the elements don’t clash.
  • Tell your audience what your business can do for them. 
  • Proofread!

3. Make Business Cards

Handing out business cards to your potential customers is a great way to promote your transportation company. Just like flyers, make sure your business card looks attractive and its design and concept should capture your brand. Giving out your business cards to potential clients in a professional way to inform them of your business while providing them a way to reach you should they need your services. 

4. The More Specific the Better

Keep in mind that the message you put on your marketing campaigns, whether print or online, is a part of your sales process in attaining a specific goal. Are you launching a campaign to gain new clients? Do you want to hire more drivers? Or promote your new location? 

Check your marketing campaigns and see what happens if your remove jargon or industry-speak. Will your audience be able to catch your message? You also want to clearly state whom the message is for. Is it for people looking for trucking services? Or is it geared towards van rentals?

Your potential customers can easily capture the message you’re trying to convey if you’re more specific and if you eliminate the jargon. More importantly, make sure that your message revolves around your sales goals. 

5. Build a Lasting Relationship with Your Customers

You can be sure that not a lot of your competitors stay in touch with their customers. If you want to stand out and gain repeat customers, you need to build a lasting relationship with your customers. For example, if you have their email, you can send them newsletters about your newest products or services. If you know their social media accounts, you can tag them with updates. 

Before your customers can book your services, you can ask them for their email. You can enter their emails into Facebook Customer Audiences. You can add them to your remarketing list and show them another form of a marketing campaign – video ads, posters, etc. Keep in mind that loyal customers are the best type of customers.

Discover Transportation Loans to Help Implement Your Marketing Tips 

Marketing your business not only requires creativity and skills, but you also need access to working capital to turn your ideas into reality. SMB Compass offers transportation loans to give you the financial push to get started. We have different types of loan programs depending on your needs and qualifications. If you want to know more, simply call (888) 853-8922 or email [email protected]

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