5 Content Writing Tips To Make Your Blog More Shareable

5 Content Writing Tips To Make Your Blog More Shareable

Bad writing can hamper your business' growth in so many ways. People can recognize poorly written content within seconds. Moreover, it confuses the reader and fails to deliver the information readers seek.

Words are your biggest ambassadors when it comes to online marketing. So, you must focus on well-furnished content that will clearly deliver your company's goals & get shared to become viral.

Unfortunately, the web is full of thin content and poorly formatted articles. To ensure you don't end up creating the same for your business, here are five tips that will enhance your articles and make them shareable.

Focus On Relevancy Instead Of Product Pitching

You do not always have to write about your products and your company. We would rather suggest that your blog content should consist of relevant industry news. When you cover different bases, you position yourself as a market leader and establish trust among the readers.

Tap Your Target Audience's Interests

Make it simple and address your target audience. Meaning, get into the mindset of your consumer. Ask around through your social media platforms what is important to the customer and create blog posts accordingly. Including various sub-headings that revolve around the topics suggested and covers your target audience's interest areas.

This also indicates to the search engines that your content holds authority and needs to be pushed higher in the organic search rankings.

Answer The Important Questions

Do not forget to answer the "Who, What, Where, How, and Why" questions while covering a topic. These are the questions your target audience is seeking answers for. The more clearly you address these questions, the better people will engage with your blog posts. Including an "FAQ" section is a good option. It allows you to include all the questions naturally, without compromising with the article's flow.

Follow The SEO Guidelines

SEO copywriting or webpage content writing gurus suggest that the paragraphs should be organized in short 3-5 sentences. People do not generally like to read long and lengthy paragraphs. Here's a complete list that you need to keep in mind:

  • Keep the sentences crisp.
  • Don't beat around the bush. Stick to the point.
  • The sentences should be grammatically correct.
  • Focus on the writing tone, depending on your target audience (Business or Casual).
  • If you're targeting a specific country, make sure you're following that country's language preference. (For example, US English is different from UK English).
  • Don't publish without editing & proofreading the final draft.
  • Keep the title under 12 words to increase the Click Through Rate (CTR).
  • Maintain 1-1.5% Keyword density.

Support The Facts

Writing plain content that isn't backed by data makes it less credible or made up. People tend to engage with articles that have done enough research to create content.

Moreover, explaining a point through storytelling is yet another effective way to engage the readers. This doesn't mean storytelling needs to be a part of all the articles. Include it only where it looks necessary. People crave human connection or stories they can relate to. If you can package your message with an interesting incident or story, it can do wonders for you.

Bonus Tip#1: Importance Of A "Blog" Section For Your Website

Customers want to know what they think about is valued. Blog posts on your company's website will help with the SEO strategy and your business's overall marketing strategy.

As mentioned above, it also provides a way to relate to those purchasing your product. Writing interesting information on a blog allows customers to find the website and share the blog posts to their Twitter or Facebook profiles, making way to free promotion of your brand.

Bonus Tip#2: The "Ripple" Effect

When the link to a blog post is "shared" through social media, others see it. If they like it, the same content gets shared again. So, if your blog post has the relevant information, it will reach even those people who did not even search for it.

It started with someone who landed on your article, liked it, and shared it on their social profiles. As it gets shared more, it creates a "ripple" of sharing. If this ripple continues for some time, the post becomes "viral". This is why it is important to create relevant authority articles that are optimized for your target audience.

Final Word

"Content is King" when it comes to online marketing. These tips will help you craft amazing content that will resonate with your target audience. Moreover, if you're from New Zealand, you can leverage the expertise of a digital marketing agency in Auckland to meet your marketing goals.

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