5 Amazing Ways To Prevent Your Business From Burning Down

Prevent Your Business From Burning Down

You've probably been able to test remote working during the last few years. Do you want your employees to come back to the office? If so, you'll need to spend more time thinking about fire safety in order to protect the building from burning down.

Over two-thirds of businesses that burn down stay closed forever or fail within a couple of years. Let's look at some technologies that will help you avoid that, which you should invest in straight away.

  1. Use A Thermal Imaging Camera

Water will get inside your roof if there are holes, which creates massive puddles in your attic. You'll be able to see if there are holes if you climb up with a thermal imaging camera, or you can use a drone with a camera.

You need to keep water away from old wiring because it causes fires. Make sure you have leak detectors inside your building, so you can repair faucets and taps before water creates swimming pools on your floors.

  1. Protect Your Valuable Servers

You must protect your servers at all costs, but use something with a delicate touch. The FM200 system is good at dealing with electronic equipment because the non-toxic gas is made from hydrogen, carbon, and fluorine.

It won't damage anything while it's putting out fires, so you'll be up and running again in no time. If you don't have anything valuable lying around, you might decide to invest your money in traditional fire extinguishers.

  1. Smoke Detectors Sending Alerts

You can spend all your time comparing Novec 1230 vs FM 200, but don't forget to purchase the best alarm system. Smart gadgets won't just sound an alarm when they detect smoke. You'll receive an alert on your smartphone too.

It's fantastic because you won't always be in the office. The fire department will get there quicker if you call as soon as you get an alert. At night, it's unlikely anyone else will be around to call for help.

  1. Heat Detectors Are An Upgrade

Heat detectors aren't just designed to detect when appliances are too hot. Some models can actually be used to detect fires. Normal alarms sound when smoke is detected, but it's not a perfect warning system.

Some fires don't produce lots of smoke, so it takes ages until the alarm goes off. A heat detector will warn you of danger once the air reaches a certain temperature, so you'll have enough time to stop fires from spreading.

  1. Show Burglars You're Watching

Arson accounts for around 50% of fires in certain places, so an arsonist will maybe try to burn down your business. It doesn't need to be a disgruntled employee. You probably won't be targeted because of who you are.

That's good because you can deter arsonists from choosing your office building. Smart locks will scare almost everyone away because it's likely they'll get caught. Make sure you have good cameras outside too.

Don't Risk Losing Your Business

Don't take chances because you think an insurance company will save you. You must do everything possible to protect your business from burning down and other danger.

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