3 Ways to Boost Engagement and Interaction with Social Media Content That You May Not Have Considered

Boost Engagement and Interaction with Social Media Content That You May Not Have Considered

Social media is an important part of any modern business, large or small. Whether you are entirely online or in good old-fashioned brick-and-mortar stores. You might go as far as to say that any business without a strong social media presence is leaving money on the table. However, going further, you could be destined for failure if you do not post quality social media content.

For that reason, anyone who wants to make their business more successful needs to take their social media output seriously. To get the most from this, consider some areas that are often overlooked. Not only by competitors but by other businesses in general.

Give Your Audience a Peek Behind the Scenes

A lot of social media output is framed, re-framed, edited, and put through any number of filters. This is to show a business or individual in the best light possible. As such, it is something that might sound impressive but does not portray reality. In the modern era, this does not always connect with people on the right level.

Taking these filters off does not just extend to some celebrity posting photos of themselves without makeup. If you are a small business, your potential customers might not just want to see what the finished article looks like. Instead, they are interested in perhaps seeing one of the chefs or bakers, for instance, arriving at work at 4 AM, and seeing how they would start their day. Alternatively, they might want insights into a day in the life of the owner of the business, from when they get up in the morning, their meetings, and even rounding it off with them still poring over a spreadsheet at 10 PM.

Improve Accessibility

If you are not considering making web accessibility a priority in your content, then you are overlooking a large and potentially untapped audience of people for your posts. By extension, you are doing a disservice to the product or service you have to offer. Functions like adding subtitles to any videos you make. Or, having explanations for audio descriptive options on your posts can help. It can also be essential on mostly visual platforms, like Instagram.

It can also involve the language you use and simplifying your message. Especially, in situations where your message is essential. It can also help with engagement from those approaching your product or service for the first time. Or, even those using social media for the first time and finding it all a bit overwhelming.

Posting Valuable Social Media Content

Plenty of resources in the social media world will tell you that regular posting is essential. While this may be true, you also need to make sure that the content you post is valuable to the person that's watching it. Otherwise, they may just stop following you. Checking in four times a day without saying anything useful might please an algorithm. However, it can cause people to turn off. As a result, they are more likely to scroll past what you have to say in the future. This of course, is not what you are there for.

As all audiences and niches are different, you are likely to have to experiment to find the right balance. But, you might be better off only posting when you have something important to say. This also adds gravity to a message. This can be augmented by finding the right time to post social media content for your audience. Then, your audience has time to look at your post, rather than scrolling past because they are in the middle of something else.

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