13chats Review: Power Sales and Support with Custom Chatbots and Widgets

13 chats review

Improving your customer experience is key to increasing sales and loyalty. Unlike some years ago, modern customers are smart and expect businesses to be adept at how they communicate with them. Experts estimate that customers can control up to 85% of their relationships with businesses without interacting with humans, which explains the increasing demand for self-help services.  This is where services like 13Chats come into play.

Without a doubt, Chatbots are now essential tools that improve business communications. They help improve customer experience, generate sales, build better rapport, and more. One such excellent tool you should consider trying out is 13Chats.

13Chats Key Features

Some of the excellent features of 13Chats include:

Customized Widgets and Chatbots

13Chats enables businesses to increase sales through Live Chat and behavior-based Chatbots and widgets. With standard live chats, businesses lose data immediately after the visitor ends the live chat session or leaves the site. As such, you lose all valuable in-app communication that could benefit your brand, and the prospect is gone.

However, with 13Chats customized widgets, you get to save and access information from previous chats. Customized chat widgets make it easy to convert your visitors into prospects. You can also analyze client behavior and improve your online store results.

Create Chat Widget Based on Visitor Actions

Analyzing prospect behavior is important for your business. Starting a dialogue with some prior information about the client makes it easy to catch their attention by offering suitable deals. 13Chats enables businesses to provide customer support to users who have spent more than one minute on their checkout page. It also provides additional offers to customers before leaving your website through automated in-app scripts.

Easily Launch Facebook Chatbot

Facebook is an important digital marketing platform that eCommerce stores should leverage. For this, you can use 13Chats’ handy visual Chatbot constructor. The Facebook chatbot widget makes it easy to provide more information about your business, show product catalogs, and create automated replies to customer FAQs. As such, human intervention will be required when providing customer support or close an eCommerce deal.

You can also invite customers to continue chatting on your Facebook messenger. Integrating Facebook messenger and your websites’ live chat widget is undoubtedly a surefire way of increasing sales and website engagement. With this, visitors can send questions even during off-peak hours that you can provide detailed answers once you are online.

Flexible Collaboration Options

13Chats also makes it easy to collaborate with your team members. You can add new members to your 13Chats account and allow them to manage your Chatbots. Your employees can join several Chatbot accounts and switch between several teams when handling customer interactions.

13chats review

Benefits of Using 13Chats on Your Platform

With the above features, below are the advantages of integrating 13Chats on your eCommerce platform.

Enhanced customer support

Human agents won’t handle all your customer concerns in time. Just to mention, more than 265 billion requests are sent to customer support annually, and businesses spend $1.3 trillion to handle them. However, with 13Chats, your business can operate without stretching to these maximum limits. This not only boosts your productivity but also frees up human agents to handle other important tasks in your business. This scales up business operations and cuts costs.

Provide human-like interaction

Like most Chatbots, 13Chats can engage and interact with your customers just like customer support agents. With technological innovations of Natural Language Processing, 13Chats can easily understand customer queries and provide an accurate response without delays.

24/7 Availability

Providing 24/7 support is probably the main advantage of using Chatbots. Unlike human support, 13Chats remains active all through, making your business available to potential customers all the time. This is beneficial for customers who reach out outside business hours.

Increase engagements

Chatbots, such as 13Chats, are certainly the future of business engagements. Engaged prospects will easily advance to the bottom of the sales funnel. For instance, you can use 13Chats to initiate conversations with potential customers that promote an offer or provide updates about your latest products.

You can use this tool to provide more product information, discounts, coupon codes, and other details. Customers will less likely ignore products with interesting offers.

Reduce efforts and costs

Collaboration of AI technology and Chatbots enables your business to save labor costs by more than 29%. Despite speeding up response time, 13Chats automate the interaction process, eliminating the need to hire many human agents.

Bottom Line

Adopting Chatbots, such as 13Chats, to your eCommerce business is a smart choice. It makes it easy to develop human touch with customers and enhance your business value. With 13Chats, you can save replies, automate answers to repeated questions, speed up response time, and free up human agents to handle other meaningful tasks. This Chatbot is surely a worthy installation if you want to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and optimize your team’s productivity.

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