Yieldstreet vs Fundrise

Yieldstreet vs Fundrise

Yieldstreet and Fundrise are two leading platforms for private market investing. They both offer investors the opportunity to grow their wealth outside of the traditional stock market. Both platforms offer a diverse range of investment opportunities, from real estate to private equity. All with the aim of making private market investments accessible to all. In this article, we will compare Yieldstreet vs Fundrise, exploring their differences and similarities, to help you make an informed decision on which platform is right for you.

What is Yieldstreet?

First, let's take a closer look at Yieldstreet. Founded in 2015 in NYC, Yieldstreet has over 400k members and has invested a total of $3 billion. Their mission is to make private market alternatives a fundamental part of an investor's portfolio by providing easy access to alternative asset classes.

Yieldstreet offers a broad range of alternative asset classes, including real estate, art, and venture capital. They also provide exclusive access to offerings from top investment managers who hold over $500 billion in assets. Yieldstreet's team approves less than 10% of the billions of dollars in deals they evaluate. Thus, ensuring that only the best opportunities are offered to investors. With a minimum investment of $5k, Yieldstreet allows for greater diversification. Investors can build a diverse portfolio with a slice of many alternative investments.

Yieldstreet also offers a variety of terms, ranging from 3 months to 5+ years, to fit your investment goals. With dedicated investor support, Yieldstreet makes it easy for investors to connect with a private market investment professional.

Yieldstreet Investment Performance and Process

Yieldstreet's platform statistics offer a glimpse into its historical performance since inception. It has a total investment of $2,903,898,517 and a net annualized return (IRR) of 9.8%. Investor returns total $1,988,797,309.

The platform is designed to be effortless, with all the information needed to make informed investment decisions and monitor results. Yieldstreet provides a broad range of investment opportunities and exclusive access to top-tier investment managers.

All investments pass a four-step due diligence process and are available with dedicated support from Yieldstreet's investor relations team. Yieldstreet also provides regular updates on investment performance, with returns deposited into an FDIC-insured Yieldstreet Wallet. The platform constantly monitors your investments and provides regular updates. Thus, ensuring that you are always in the know.

What is Fundrise?

Now, let's take a closer look at Fundrise. Fundrise is a leading platform for private market investing. It offers investors access to private real estate and infrastructure investments. Fundrise was founded in 2012, and since then, over 1 million investors have invested over $4 billion in Fundrise's offerings.

Fundrise's mission is to democratize access to private real estate investments, making it easier for everyone to invest in real estate, regardless of their net worth. With Fundrise, investors can invest in a diversified portfolio of private real estate investments with a minimum investment of just $10 with their starter package.

Fundrise Investment Options and Process

Fundrise offers a variety of investment options, including their core eREITs, their eFunds, and their iREITs. Each option offers different levels of diversification, risk, and return potential. This way investors can choose the option that best fits their investment goals. Fundrise's investment process is designed to be simple and transparent. All investments are thoroughly vetted and managed by experienced professionals.

Investing in Fundrise is easy, as the platform offers a variety of investment options, including eREITs, eFunds, and iREITs. The eREITs and eFunds offer exposure to private real estate and infrastructure investments, while the iREITs offer exposure to both private and public real estate investments.

Fundrise's investment process is also straightforward, as it allows you to create an account and start investing with as little as $500. The platform offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate, and you can access your account from anywhere using their mobile app.

Additionally, Fundrise provides extensive educational resources, such as articles and webinars, to help you better understand real estate investing. The platform also offers a low fee structure, which helps you keep more of your returns. Overall, Fundrise provides a convenient and accessible way for individuals to invest in real estate and take advantage of the opportunities that it presents.

Final Thoughts

Both Yieldstreet and Fundrise provide investors with access to private market investment opportunities that offer the potential for higher returns than traditional investments in the public market. However, the two services differ in the types of investments they offer and their target audiences.

Yieldstreet offers a wider range of alternative asset classes, including real estate, venture capital, art, and cryptocurrency, while Fundrise mainly focuses on real estate. Yieldstreet also has a higher minimum investment requirement compared to Fundrise, which may make it more suitable for accredited investors or those with larger portfolios.

Additionally, Yieldstreet's investment opportunities are curated and vetted by professionals. The platform provides investors with more data and information on the historical performance of their investments. Fundrise, on the other hand, offers a more accessible platform for beginner investors. Often, with lower minimum investment requirements and an easy-to-use online platform.

Ultimately, the choice between Yieldstreet and Fundrise depends on an investor's specific goals and financial situation. For those looking to diversify their portfolio with a range of alternative asset classes and have a higher investment capital, Yieldstreet may be a good choice. Click here to get started with Yieldstreet today.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner investor or looking to invest in real estate with a smaller amount of capital, Fundrise may be a better fit.  Click here to get started with Fundrise today. In any case, it's important to thoroughly research any investment opportunity before making a decision. Also, remember to seek advice from a financial professional if necessary.

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