Why You Need an Attorney if You Have a TBI in Chicago

Why You Need an Attorney if You Have a TBI in Chicago

Were you recently in a vehicle accident that caused your head to be knocked around? How about a sports collision resulting in a killer headache? These are just two possible situations that result in a TBI or traumatic brain injury. TBIs are serious injuries that, left untreated or if severe enough, can cause life-changing disabilities. In this article, we’ll discuss what TBIs are, if they can be treated, and why you need a lawyer.

Traumatic Brain Injury 101

TBIs occur when your brain experiences blunt force trauma or is pierced. Your first priority should always be seeking treatment; the sooner you are under medical care, the less likely consequences will be severe. Unfortunately, some injuries are traumatic enough that they immediately result in permanent brain damage or death. In other cases, what felt like tremendous force may only result in whiplash and a need to rest and recover. The only people qualified enough to make that determination are trained medical personnel— don’t leave anything to chance.

TBI’s can be a result of car accidents, semi-collisions, horseback riding falls or kicks, sports collisions, and more. It’s always important to wear the right safety equipment when taking part in sports or riding in a vehicle, as they can significantly reduce injuries and risk of death.

Can TBIs Be Treated?

To a point, yes. There is no way to fully reverse brain damage, but by seeking immediate treatment, preventing further injury, and taking part in treatment programs, you can see a dramatic reduction in further damage and improved abilities and independence.

Immediate Treatment

A doctor’s first focus will be stabilizing you. This means monitoring blood flow and pressure and keeping an eye on your oxygen levels, especially in your brain. While you are resting you are not at risk for further injury. If you don’t seek treatment right away, you could worsen your injury through further accidents or trauma or through oxygen deprivation to your brain and key organs.

Once you are stable, your doctor will evaluate your injury for type and severity. Brain injuries can include encountering a coup contrecoup injury, literally meaning “blow-counterblow”. Coup-contrecoup is when your brain gets smacked against the side of impact and the opposite side. The type of injury will determine your treatment program if needed.

Treating Traumatic Brain Injuries in Chicago

Luckily, Chicago has several great treatment centers for TBIs. Your treatment plan will be specific to you, the extent of the injury, the type of injury, and the symptoms. You will generally take part in physical, occupational, and speech therapy with medications for pain management and other persistent symptoms.

Why You Should Get a Lawyer if You Have a Traumatic Brain Injury

Let’s be honest: healthcare is expensive, let alone after experiencing a traumatic brain injury. You have to pay for your initial exams, follow-up appointments, medications, and rehab. If you were a necessary income, you’re out wages and your budget suffers— heaven forbid you’re the main breadwinner. In worst-case scenarios, TBIs can also result in death; that means lost income, medical bills, and funeral and burial expenses.

If the TBI is someone else's fault, whether through negligence or malicious actions, then they are likely liable for your expenses. A local Chicago personal injury lawyer can help you determine who was at fault and what you need to seek compensation.

This compensation can help cover your daily expenses as well as your medical costs. If you lost a loved one to a TBI, the settlement can also cover funeral and burial expenses. With luck, the opposing party in your case is willing to settle— this means you receive a payment with as little hassle as possible. If they attempt to lowball you or refuse to settle at what your lawyer calculates as fair, then you may head to court.

What to Know About Seeking Compensation

This is a legal process, so you have to be careful. Don’t tackle this on your own, and don’t sign anything without your lawyer’s approval. Don’t even talk about the case. If someone asks, decline to answer and offer your lawyer’s phone numbers. Some companies and insurance adjusters will stop at nothing to protect their own bottom line, including twisting your words against you or hiring an investigator to see if your injury really is affecting you the way you claim.

Your lawyer is your closest ally. They are the one party that you know without a shadow of a doubt has your best interests in mind. They will work with you to calculate damages, ensure paperwork is turned in on time, and represent you through everything. Trust them to handle the case with your best interests in mind, so you can focus on your recovery.

Traumatic Brain Injuries can change your life. You don’t need to deal with the stress of a legal case and extra expenses on top of it. Hire a brain injury attorney to handle going after compensation while you focus on recovery and rehabilitation.

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