Why Warehouse Management Software Is Important for Global Businesses?

warehouse management system

Running a manufacturing business is not an easy task. You most likely face new challenges almost every day. Besides, there's a lot on your plate already, for instance, you need to manage production, inventory, and delivery. Though you probably have people for every department, you still need to oversee them.  That's where a warehouse management system can help. It provides you with a birds-eye view of your warehouse processes. That said, here are the key reasons why you need warehouse management software for your business. 

1 – Inventory Control and Management

Build to control all your warehouse activities, warehouse management software helps manage decreasing inventory levels, improve order fulfillment, and reduce order cycle time. 

Based on the cloud, it provides real-time visibility into your inventory via barcoding, serial number, and RFID tagging. Besides, all the items that enter the warehouse will be updated on the system, making management further easier. 

This kind of visibility enables you to order raw materials in advance to prevent disruption in manufacturing. Plus, it minimizes wastage as you will order exactly when you need the products. 

2- Faster Order Fulfillment

The best warehouse management system integrates with order management systems. Combinedly, they ensure the orders are being processed as quickly as possible. They highlight the order details, including the expected delivery date, so your employees can create schedules accordingly. 

You can also set alerts up to 3 days before the delivery, so you don't miss any deadlines and get enough time to test the final product. 

3- Increase Warehouse Productivity

Every business strives to do more in less time to manufacture more products every day, leading to increased profit margins. With a warehouse management system, you can streamline your processes. 

For instance, with the system, you can keep an eye on the insights of the factory on a series of metrics. These could include orders completed per hour, lines per hour picked and fulfilled, and cost as a percentage of sales. 

You can also track the number of employees working and how many hours. This will make it easier for you to enhance productivity and even determine when you need to hire more people. 

4- Enhanced Security

Most warehouse management software requires users to use their individual accounts when logging in transactions. This creates an audit trail, connecting individual employees with the transactions and reducing the risk of issues at a later stage. 

You can even set up role-based access to prevent unauthorized access to your reports and analysis. For instance, you can allow employees to enter transactions, but only managers can see the total transactions of the day. 

This way, you won't have to worry about the secrets of your manufacturing company being leaked. 

5- Reduces Operating Expenses

A good warehouse management system can help you minimize operating expenses in several ways. For example, it shows you the most effective way to use labor and floor space, thereby eliminating time wastage. 

You can even determine where to keep materials, finished products, and equipment to optimize the workflow of the warehouse. 

6- Customer Service and Tracking

Your warehouse plays a vital role in customers' buying experience. By ensuring all the ordered products are in stock and customers get the exact item they ordered is vital for a great customer experience. 

However, if you send the wrong products, it not only leads to a bad experience but also results in increased costs (shipping, etc.). 

Warehouse management software makes customer service easier via automation. You can easily manage and track shipment routes, worker assignments, and put away. Plus, real-time information about orders leads to improved accuracy and happier customers. 

7- Broader View

A good warehouse management system enables you to keep track of different warehouses from a single dashboard. This broader view helps you keep a birds-eye view of your entire processes globally. You can check the inventory, orders, and worker details of each warehouse individually. 


As a global business, you probably have multiple warehouses. A warehouse management system allows you to manage all of them from a single dashboard. You can even track inventory, customer orders and enhance the buying experience. If you haven't invested in warehouse management software, now is the time to do it.

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