Why a Small or Midsize Company Should Hire a Professional Business Translator

Why a Small or Midsize Company Should Hire a Professional Business Translator

Expand into new markets and reach billions of new customers by hiring a professional business translator. Finding the right business translation company can mean the difference between success and failure overseas. Discover why a small or midsize company should hire a certified commercial translator.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Professional Business Translation Company

Vet your future business translation outlet like a pro by learning what to look for during the selection process. Choosing a business translation company can prove daunting if you don’t have experience working with one. Some of the things you should consider when selecting a professional business translation company include:

  • Certification or accreditation
  • Tools and technology
  • Online reviews
  • Hiring practices
  • Specializations
  • References
  • Location

Reasons to Hire a Professional Business Translator

Make a positive first impression on foreign consumers by speaking to their distinct sensibilities in their local language. Gaining the trust of potential customers happens within the first few moments of an initial encounter. Let’s explore the reasons you should retain the services of an international translation business to put your best face forward and avoid common mistakes.

  1. Cultural Sensitivity

Touch the hearts of your target audience by converting your message into your customers’ local vernaculars. Oftentimes, a mere transliteration of marketing content from one language to another fails to get your point across. In the worst cases, your pitch inadvertently becomes hurtful or offensive. You can prevent negative impressions by hiring a professional translator.

  1. Supreme Accuracy

As you penetrate multiple new markets at the same time, your translations must reach 99% accuracy or greater to maintain healthy bounce rates and avoid turning off consumers. Your potential customers become more sophisticated by the day. Inaccurate translations set off alarm bells, marking your brand as an outsider. Hire a translator to give your message a familiar ring.

  1. Advanced Specialization

One of the best reasons to hire translators involves the advanced specialization that naturally occurs at a large translator company. Even if you hire the single best translator in the world, that individual will need to translate different types of subject matters into a variety of target languages. However, when you hire a translation business, you get assigned to subject matter experts who specialize in one language.

  1. High Efficiency

Ditch the learning curve and get the results you need immediately by engaging a reputable business translator company. Part of the benefit of hiring a business translation agency is that you do not have to worry about waste. Therefore, rather than training a new employee and waiting for that person to become competent, you will receive clean, professional translations right away.

  1. Ready-to-Use Products

You can deploy your translated assets as soon as you receive them when you retain certified business translation services. The work provided by in-house translators usually needs to go through a couple of rounds of editing before it becomes publishable. Not only does the editing process cause delays in publication, but it makes the finished translation more costly to produce.

  1. Improved Consistency

Project a unified image by publishing translated material written by the same translation business. When you select a proven commercial translation company and maintain an ongoing business relationship, your translated content will have the same voice throughout an entire project. Likewise, stylistic choices will remain consistent from page to page.

  1. Systematic Approach

Enjoy the reliability of working with a team of experienced commercial translators. A company of translators that has all the right systems in place can ease your workflow. For example, if you suddenly need a translation from English to Uzbek, your bilingual employee may not be able to help you. However, with a business translation agency, there will be neither delays nor misunderstandings.

  1. Save Time

Another reason to hire a professional business translator involves the speed at which you can complete your projects. The enormous scale of the world’s biggest translation outfits means you can submit hundreds of translation requests at the same time and expect the final documents on your desk faster than you otherwise would.

  1. Save Money

You can save a considerable sum of money by working with one of the top translation companies. For example, if you have a big project on your plate that requires a lot of business translations, you can determine the total cost of your request beforehand and compare it with your other options to save some extra cash.

  1. Peace of Mind

For business owners, one of the key reasons to engage a commercial translation agency is the peace of mind that it offers. Rarely does a project require follow up on your part. All you need to do is send in your originals, remit payment, and receive your translated documents shortly thereafter. Therefore, you can’t put a price on knowing the job will get done every time you make a request.

Business Translation FAQ

How much does a professional translator charge?

If you're planning to hire a professional translator to oversee all your business translation projects, you may notice that the charges per translator vary to a degree. This translation rates guide reported that the following factors determine a professional translator's rates:

  • Translator's Location
  • Experience
  • Language pairs
  • Turnaround time
  • Domain expertise
  • Type of content
  • Volume

What is a commercial translator?

A commercial translator is the same as a business translator. Individuals who work under either title convert text from one language to another for the benefit of a client company. However, in rare cases, a commercial translator can also mean someone who transcribes and translates television and radio commercials for new markets.

Which types of companies need translation services?

The types of companies that need translation services are those that operate in multiple countries or have clients that do. Some of the different kinds of companies that commonly need translation services do business in the following fields:

  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • eCommerce
  • Entertainment
  • Travel

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