What You Should Major in to Succeed in Life

What You Should Major in to Succeed in Life

Since the 1990s, the world has been changing fast. Technology has been changing each year. Today, it is easier to do many things because of advanced technology. Companies produce goods easier and deliver services using technology. No matter how fast technology is changing, some jobs are still in demand. When you are joining a university, you may have to choose an employable degree with a major to help you succeed. New technologies create many jobs. Due to this, you should search online to know the courses that are best for such jobs. Here are the best industries to get a major in to succeed in finding work after study.


If you want to become a successful business person, a major in business can help you succeed. There are thousands of businesses that start each year. Business people require workers to help them manage their business. When they want to employ people, they first hire those that have a degree in business.

These are people who have an understanding of how marketing is done. There is high competition for customers in the business sector. The sector requires people who can convince customers to buy from them. Students who are studying business get many assignments to write. When the college work is too much, they hire an online paper writing service to them write their papers.

Sustainable and renewable energy

Countries all over the world are seeking solutions to better energy. The petroleum mining done from deep in the earth will soon become depleted. Fossil fuel is responsible for the pollution of the environment. Countries are seeking solutions from wind, solar, geothermal, and energy from plants. These types of jobs do not have much competition in the world.

Recently, many universities began to offer a major in sustainable and renewable energy. They train students about how to create better energy. A student who wants to study for this degree can choose different programs. Some of the programs are ocean science, ecology, and solar energy.

Game design

Computer games started a few years ago. People loved them and their demand is increasing every year. Today, people can play games on their phones, computers, and many other devices. The games are developed by people who understand how to create them. Universities are offering courses on game design to students.

Students are trained to become video game designers. They get employed by companies that develop video games software. People with a degree in video design have better chances to get jobs in these companies. The type of courses you take at the university is graphics game engine, 3D animation, and virtual reality.


Whenever people fall sick, they need someone with experience to help them. Nurses help doctors to serve sick people. They work in major hospitals and clinics. The work of nurses is not just to help sick people. They advise people about how they should stay healthy.

There are not enough nurses to serve in the many hospitals around the world. Daily, health care centers advertise for nurse jobs. If you train to become a nurse, you will likely get a job soon after graduation. Some great nursing career paths to pursue include nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, and nurse anesthetists. Therefore, by studying and getting a major in nursing, you can succeed and find work.

Electrical and computer engineering

Technology in the world is growing fast. This technology is changing the way people do things. One of the greatest technologies is computers and other electronic devices. Students studying this course are taught to work on computer hardware and software. The course is not limited to computers but to any other type of electronic device.

Electrical and computer engineers do the work of designing and creating electronic gadgets. Some of the gadgets they make are televisions, telephones, computers, and video cameras. People with a degree in Electrical and computer engineering can start their businesses or become employed.


Robots are everywhere nowadays, as they become more popular in homes, factories, and hospitals. At home, robots help with cleaning floors, washing dishes, or laundry. Old people use them to move around the house or to give them company. In hospitals, robots can clean and carry harmful chemicals.

Robots use software and hardware to work. Students who study robotics learn how to design robots. They create software that will help the robot owner to control it. Robots are machines just like computers. They are now in higher demand today than several years ago. Companies and homes need people who can create better user-friendly robots.

Construction management 

Every day, there will be someone or company that wants to build something. They build homes, offices, stadiums, and roads. When the construction work is ongoing, the owners need someone to manage the project. Students who study construction management become managers of construction projects.

Their work is to plan the work, coordinate, and control construction activities. When in college, they learn mathematics and construction basics. They must understand construction technology and equipment to work on the project. Hence, they learn about equipment, materials, and managing workers on a construction site.

Medicine and surgery

Doctors are some of the professionals who get the best salaries. Remember, no hospital can operate without a doctor. However, training to become a doctor takes more years than any other course in the university. Doctors must train to effectively diagnose diseases and prescribe medicines.

When sick people need surgery, it is the doctors who do operate on them. There are different types of doctors in every hospital. Some are surgeons, eye specialists, dentists, and many more. Today, there is a big gap between the number of doctors and patients. Therefore, jobs for doctors are available throughout the year.


Every company needs an accountant. They keep records of how the company is spending its money. They create daily reports, monthly, and yearly reports. At the end of the year, accountants prepare an income and expenditure report. It helps the company know whether it’s making profits or losses.

Students who major in accounting succeed as jobs are easy to find. They learn to create balance sheets and to keep daily expenditure records. Additionally, they learn government laws for filing taxes and other requirements. Accountants make sure a company is following government rules to avoid penalties.

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