What Are Podcasts? Why Is It So Much In Trend?

What Are Podcasts? Why Is It So Much In Trend?

It shouldn't be a surprise that podcasts are popular with kids today. Many people in Generation Z and Generation Y are not only familiar with podcasts but also listen to them daily. Because of this new trend, companies are becoming more interested in podcasting to market their business. Why do podcasts seem to be more on trend, popular and interesting now than they ever were before?

Most Recent Podcasts Format

Podcasts used to be just downloaded radio shows, but now they are a very popular way to listen to audio entertainment. Podcasts are a series of audio recordings played online and sent to people who sign up for them. Subscribers can then download and listen to each episode as it becomes available.

Podcasts offer an easy-to-use alternative to more traditional ways of delivering content, like TV and radio broadcasts, and let writers talk directly to the people they want to reach. Podcasts are still not regulated, so you don't need a broadcasting license to share an episode. Anyone can start a podcast with a microphone, recording software, and a hosting service.

Podcasting is becoming increasingly accepted as a legitimate way to make money, thanks to brand sponsorships, affiliate marketing, subscriptions, and sponsored content.

Why Are Podcasts So Popular?

Multitasking with listening

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular as people's schedules get busier. A person can do other things at the same time as they listen to an audio file. A recent survey found that people only listen to 49% of podcasts at home. But 22% of people listen to music when they drive, 11% when they work, and 8% when they work out. Due to its length, a podcast is a great way to go into depth about a subject or have a deep conversation with someone.

One of the best things about downloaded podcast episodes is that listeners can control how they play. It's helpful to listen to a podcast at your own pace, rewind, and fast forward, especially if it includes an interview.

People who listen to podcasts can learn much about a subject without reading or watching more. Podcasts also break up articles into small pieces that are easy to listen to on the go or while doing other things.

A Podcast For Everyone

Podcasts are useful because they have a lot of different things to listen to, and can stay on trend. You can find podcasts about almost anything on the internet. Everyone can find a podcast that interests them, whether they like true crime, comedy, pop culture, news, or opinions. Also, a podcast hosting service has never made it easier for a new podcaster to spread information about their chosen subject.

Giving listeners a wide variety of content updated at least once a week, if not more often, is a great way to keep their attention for long periods.

In 2021, the top five types of podcasts will be business podcasts, economics podcasts, health and medicine podcasts, comedy, and news and political podcasts. Interviews on podcasts give in-depth looks into the minds of well-known people in a certain field. In less than an hour a day, people in the audience can learn everything they need about their chosen fields.

Good Way To Make Money

Even though people who use free content get a lot out of it, the people who make it do a lot of work. It's easy for equipment costs and production downtime to add up quickly. Many podcasts such as The Ben Shapiro Show have sponsors, and short ad reads to help pay for the cost of making them. In the past few years, many businesses have turned to podcast advertising to reach new customers. Sponsorship offers brand visibility among the particular demographics and target audiences that listen to a certain podcast.

Between 2015 and 2021, podcast advertising-income is expected to grow by more than 1,000%. Businesses are becoming more and more willing to sponsor podcasts that get more than 5,000 downloads per month.

Reaching The Right Audience

Due to the wide range of podcast topics, advertisers can reach groups of interested listeners. Since the host's voice is already familiar to the listener, ads read by the host are more credible and less annoying.

Some podcast hosts are picky about which companies they let advertise on their shows because they use the products themselves. Advertisers love that 80% of podcast listeners stay for at least 80% of the episode. Podcasts have a much lower rate of people leaving than other media like YouTube.


Advertisers like podcasts because of the types of people who listen to them and because there isn't much competition in the field. Marketers and people who listen to podcasts should be encouraged by the fact that paid sponsorships are becoming more popular. When there is more money for advertising, people are more likely to make content, which gives people a wider range of topics to choose from.

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