4 Ways You're Hampering Employee Productivity (Without Even Realizing It)

4 Ways You're Hampering Employee Productivity (Without Even Realizing It)

As a leader, your job is to facilitate productivity, not get in the way of it. However, that can sometimes happen if you don’t adopt the right strategies. In this post, we take a look at some of the ways that you are harming employee productivity and what you can do about it. Check out our ideas in the following listicle:

You Aren’t Setting The Right Priorities

In order to get things done, teams need to work towards goals. But if they don’t have the right priorities in mind, then it can hamper efforts to move your company in the right direction. 

As a leader, it’s critical to set priorities. Tell employees which jobs you need them to do first. Don’t allow delays or procrastination. Create a culture where the most essential and difficult tasks are done first, and then the rest of the time is spent coasting on easier things. 

You’re Diverting Employees’ Attention From Tasks That Matter

There’s nothing unusual about giving your employees strict objectives. After all, that’s how many firms operate. However, it runs the risk of spreading your talent too thinly. Workers don’t have enough time to focus on all the projects that you set for them, leading to an ineffective scattergun approach to their daily tasks. 

Make sure that when you give employees new jobs that you’re not displacing old ones that matter to you. Remember, employees only have so many hours available to them during the day. If they are already working flat out, adding an even bigger caseload means that they will have to cut something out of their schedule.

You’re Not Integrating Your Tech Stack

Companies rely on technology and software to conduct their operations. Without it, everything would need to be done via clunky manual processes. 

Unfortunately, a lot of firms operate a siloed approach, meaning that they separate out different technological capabilities and never really bring them together. 

Microsoft Dynamics phone integration and other methods attempt to change this. The idea is to bring everything into a single cloud-based system that everyone in the firm can use. Once you harmonize all your data in a central repository, doing business becomes substantially easier. 

You Aren’t Using Mindful Communication With Your Team

hampering employee productivity

Dictating orders to your team from on high rarely works in the long term. Human beings aren’t robots that senior business leaders can just push around. However, they still need to take direction. The trick here is to change how you communicate to be more mindful. Instead of just issuing orders, think carefully about how your team will respond to them. Choose your timing wisely, posting them at convenient times of the day, such as the morning when people arrive for work. Furthermore, get to know the individual preferences of your employees. Learn about the communication style that they enjoy and what they want from you. 

In summary, getting employee communication right is a challenge. But if you get it right, it can dramatically improve employee productivity and outcomes for your business. 

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