Topics to Review before Taking the PE Power Test

Topics to Review before Taking the PE Power Test

There are a variety of ways to get to the PE power exam prep, and it's vital to think about your personal capabilities and experiences while preparing for this exam. During the PE Exam, there are two 4-hour periods. You'll answer 40 questions covering a wide range of topics in the morning session. After lunch, you'll be asked to complete 40 questions pertaining to the more in-depth subjects. The test is scheduled to begin at 8:00 a.m. As the pinnacle of countless hours of preparation, the PE Exam is critical to your career advancement. You'll feel more at ease and have a better chance of passing the test if you do this.

The day before the test, you should not study. In order to pass the PE Exam, candidates must be able to focus intensely for many hours on end. In any case, it's quite doubtful you'll discover anything that matters. Instead of studying, gather the things you'll need for the test and have them ready to go. You'll be less likely to forget anything important throughout the test if you do this.

What Is Included? 

The Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) test examines a base degree of skill in a specific engineering discipline. It is intended for engineers who have acquired at least four years' post-graduate work insight in their chosen engineering discipline. The Principles and Practice of Engineering: The power test is PC-based and offered all year at NCEES-endorsed Pearson VUE test halls. Enlistment is open and appointments are accessible all year. The PC-based test has 80 inquiries. The test arrangement time is 9 hours and incorporates

  • Nondisclosure understanding for two minutes
  • Period of Instruction for eight minutes
  • The exam starts and carries on for eight hours
  • There is a scheduled break of fifty minutes


To start off, you should begin with the practice test that is available officially. You can purchase that easily from NCEES. You get a discount in case you get it while you pay your enrollment expense. Beginning with the official NCEES practice test gives you a decent benchmark. It contains 80 questions, partitioned into two 40-question parts, very much like the real test. We suggest you not time yourself taking the training test but try to respond to the included questions without looking at the response key when you first take the practice test.

The officially available PE Power practice test will uncover to you the regions in which you are generally not that proficient. You will know them when you see them. Take out your old course reading and dove once more into the subject. The official practice test will help you set up a gauge, then, furthermore, center around the areas wherein you remember you are the weakest. Utilize the official practice test particulars to deal with your time carefully. Purchase practice tests and work around as much to questions as you can. This is the way you pass. Deal with bunches of issues. Work out arrangement methods, regardless of whether you don't or can't take them in.

Be Proficient in Codes

Every area in the engineering field’s PE exam has its own set of codes. It is imperative for you to be good in each and every code of your field. For example, for electrical engineers, “The National Electrical Code and the Life Safety NFPA 101” is essential. Some other examples include:

  • The International Mechanical Code, The Intern Energy Code, and the International Plumbing codes – Mechanical Engineering
  • International Building Code – Civil Engineering
  • The International Codes – Building, Mechanic Efficiency, and plumbing and The National Electric Code – Architectural Engineering

NCEES Is What You Need to Visit

The NCEES gives a rundown of all the topics as well as the number of questions per point to be canvassed in the test. Wandering from the prospectus is wasteful and will squander your revision time. Design the structure of your revision plan in light of the schedule. NCEES has last year’s exam criteria curriculum available on their site. There have been no modifications to the framework except the switch from paper to computer-based assessment (CBT).

Your calculator is the only piece of equipment you'll be able to bring into the classroom. All of the above materials including the NCEES Electrical and Computer PE: Power Reference Handbook are available in PDF format through Pearson Vue's NCEES testing facilities (Pearson Vue).

NCEES Electrical and Computer PE: Power Reference Handbook is the Key

Following the curriculum, the “NCEES Electrical and Computer PE: Power Reference Handbook”, which has been created exclusively for the said PE Power test, must be reviewed. That, coupled with codes specified inside the curriculum, will be your sole source of guidance throughout the test.

Realizing exactly what the examiner purposefully included within the Handbook would enable you to concentrate on the studies even more. The Handbook is readily available for free downloading as a PDF from your myNCEES account. Ensure you read the most recent edition of the Handbook preceding the PE Power test, as it is revised on a regular basis.

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