Think Beyond Revenue Goals to Motivate Team Members


Employees are the fuel that drives your business. Is your company is struggling with low productivity, high turnover, and a lack of collaboration? It may be time to look for innovative ways to motivate team members. Many companies resort to revenue goals as a way of motivating their employees. And while money is critical to any business and its workers, people don’t just work for money. In fact, only 12% of workers leave their jobs because of the actual pay.

Natural motivation among your team comes from the impact they feel that they have in the workplace. By setting goals that inspire, connect with team members, and have a direct measurable impact, you can achieve better success when motivating your employees. Thinking beyond revenue goals is a team effort that requires you to connect with your workforce and boost the morale of your employees.

Here’s how you motivate team members

Set inspirational, long-term goals

While money helps your team meet certain needs, it rarely inspires workers over a prolonged period. This means that setting revenue-based goals could ultimately result in a series of short-term objectives that don’t help to propel your business forward. Consider setting goals that are etched in the long-term and inspire your team to continue to think ahead. In this way, you’ll avoid making quick decisions that aren’t in line with your bigger picture.

Long-term goals also allow you to consider the needs of your customers while designing a marketing and promotional strategy that solves their problems. Such goals also create a vision for your team and keep them inspired beyond immediate financial gain.

Remind your employees that their jobs matter

A worker who spends the entire day compiling reports or answering phone calls may often feel as if their job isn’t valuable. Such employees may struggle throughout the day and only give minimum effort towards their job responsibilities- regardless of pay.

To increase morale for workers in this position, remind them that their job is something bigger than themselves. Make each employee feel like part of a team that fuels the success of your organization, and encourage them to look for opportunities to move up within the company.

But how can you achieve this? Share your company’s vision and mission statement with every staff member. Display this message in all employee workstations and hold regular meetings that remind your staff of how much you value them. You should also circulate customer success stories that were a direct result of your employees’ efforts, especially if employees are named directly.

Make your goals relevant, relatable, and measurable

As previously mentioned, team members like to feel the impact that they’re having on the organization. By making your goals relevant to each employee, relatable (in terms of the tasks that one is carrying out), and measurable, you can tap into this motivational factor and get more out of your team members. Making goals relatable to every employee means breaking down daily tasks and establishing a connection to the final objective.

For example, if you’re looking to convert 20% more leads for your business, emphasize how each worker in every department plays a direct role in this objective. You may remind the finance team how proper accounting ensures that resources are available for marketing campaigns. While also motivating the janitorial staff to keep all physical stores looking as welcoming as possible, to encourage those customers to return.

Recognition is also important

It’s human nature to desire love and recognition. By recognizing your employees and making them feel like they matter, you can increase morale and make the workplace more productive. Consider sending out signed birthday cards, issuing gifts for weddings/baby showers, and having an employee of the month and year award. By making your employees feel appreciated, they will give more and have more dedication towards their jobs.

By following these tips and connecting with your employees you will start to see the difference in productivity and turnover. Motivate team members and think beyond revenue goals will ultimately help to increase your revenue. Due to the fact that employees are working harder and feel dedicated to their jobs. By treating your employees as more than just cogs in a machine, you will soon see positive results across the board.

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