The Power and Uses of Virtual Digital Mailboxes from Anytime Mailbox

virtual digital mailboxes from anytime mailbox

If you have ever wondered if you can increase the privacy of your home-based business by having a simple yet official business address without renting or leasing a location, well the answer is now a resounding YES!  With Anytime Mailbox it is possible to have a virtual digital mailbox where you manage everything online that would come to a physical mailing address and yet easily sort mail, have mail forwarded to your home discreetly, and even have checks deposited for you!  Same time and keep private with this tool discussed here.

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anytime mailbox - discreet mail forwarding virtual digital mailboxes

As with many online trends, mail services haven't been left behind in the new development. Virtual mailboxes are now a reality with a high level of convenience, affordability, and reliability. Anytime Mailbox offers businesses and individuals virtual digital mailboxes to manage your mail with specifics such as forwarding, lead generation, digital scanning, etc., with the below-noted features.

Mail Forwarding Service

The mail forwarding service is a huge asset for businesses and individuals wanting to keep their personal addresses private.  The mail forwarding service lets you receive packages and letters you receive but through an intermediary address. You have complete control online to select the items you want to receive and when you want the articles sent. Once in place, Anytime Mail forwards the items to your preferred destination globally. Note that for packages, especially international items, you might have to pay taxes based on the type of items.

Open and Scan

When you receive new mail, the platform scans and sends the mail to your virtual mailbox. You then decide whether you want to read the main virtually. If you wish to do so, the platform opens the envelope, scams, and sends the scan's copy to your virtual mailbox.

Check Deposit

You can receive checks in virtual digital mailboxes at specific physical locations. In such a case, you can ask that the check be securely deposited into your bank account. Since checks are sensitive, the security features enhance your check's top-notch safety. So, you shouldn't worry about unauthorized access or theft.


Whether you view or forward your mail, your contents are only available and visible to you. Anytime. Mailbox secures every information exchange with HTTPS. Besides, any images you upload and view on your browser go over a 2048-bit SSL connection, so data interception is impossible. Similarly, you can shred any mail with sensitive information to eliminate the contents.

Real Street Addresses

Virtual digital mailboxes from Anytime Mailboxes lets you use the same address for personal and business use. In addition, the platform gives you many international locations with real street addresses you can use to receive your mail. You can also list other viable and authorized recipients for your address.

Free Unlimited Storage

You access unlimited cloud storage for your mail with no extra charges. In addition, the online storage allows you to sort your folders and download or delete emails. Besides, you don't have a limited time within which your mails will remain on the platform. Instead, your emails stay for as long as your account is active.

Flexible Payment Options

Based on your budget, you can choose one of the four plans available: bronze, silver, gold, and unlimited. Nonetheless, because Anytime Mailbox operates in more than 1000 locations worldwide, the price depends on your location. Besides the four mentioned plants, you can get vanity plans, but the typical fees range from $4.98 a month.

Flexible Payment Options and Refund Policy

You can pay via credit card, specifically American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. Also, if you sign up and pay but change your mind after a while, you can get a refund. Nonetheless, you have to meet various requirements to get a refund. For instance, you shouldn't have used your account to receive mail or for other purposes.


Anytime virtual digital mailboxes are your ideal software with end-to-end solutions for web apps and Android. So, whether you are a startup, enterprise, or SME, Anytime Mailbox is the way to go. Besides, you don't need any extra software or hardware. Finally, with all the features discussed, you are guaranteed an excellent and hassle-free mail experience.

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