The Growth of Mobile Apps and Gaming

The Growth of Mobile Apps and Gaming

Mobile gaming is still growing in 2021, as the appetite to own smartphones continues rising with no signs of stopping in the near future. The launch of new technologies like 5G is also making mobile games more attractive than ever. As such the market is expecting to rise by 20% this year to surpass the $120 billion mark.

According to leading gaming market experts, there are over 3.5 billion active smartphones globally, and the number is expected to rise by 7% every year. Even better, at least 50% of these smartphone users use their devices to play games through Betway and other apps that offer different entertainment options.

The Impact of Mobile Gaming

Currently, mobile gaming is only second to social media and messaging apps in terms of the time spent. That gives you a hint of how popular mobile gaming can be and how far the market will be by 2022. In fact, market experts expect mobile and tablet gaming to account for over 50% of the total industry's revenue within the next year. As such, the mobile gaming market will outstrip PC gaming revenue, which currently stands at 23%, and Console gaming, which accounts for 31%.

Of course, it's hard to ignore the impact of the global lockdown on people's gaming habits. With more people staying at home, they're looking into entertaining ideas on how to spend their free time. This has lead to people playing games on Betway and other gaming apps. Additionally, gaming has proven to be a worthy solution for dealing with the depressing reality of social distancing.

Augmented Reality

While watching live events in venues might be off the table for most people this year, sports fans can get their entertainment fix through esports and mobile gaming. While the games are far from offering the same experience as real games, technologies like Augmented Reality are making mobile gamers as closer to real-life experiences as they can ever get.

Augmented reality overlays computer images in the physical world, creating immersive games like Pokemon Go. However, AR is quite different from virtual reality. However, both technologies profoundly impact the mobile gaming market. Virtual reality immerses the player in a computer-generated reality. Effectively shutting you off from the surrounding environment. However, augmented reality keeps you aware of the environment around you and makes things more exciting.

The best thing about augmented reality is that you needn't invest in specialized gaming kits. For example, there is no need to buy a headset to start playing. That makes augmented reality more accessible to a larger audience in the gaming market. Thereby contributing to the rise of mobile gaming apps on the market.

In Conclusion

As smartphone technology continues to evolve, the graphics are also expected to become more impressive and life-like. AR is also presenting more opportunities for going beyond effects and images by including smells and sounds in the gaming sphere. This should allow for an ultimate life-like experience. Even better, AR games are technically accessible through tablets and PCs. Although you'll need a portable device with motion sensors for the ultimate gaming experience.

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