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review of slidebot ioThere's plenty of research out there that proves that to engage your audience, you need to find the magical, oft-times mythical balance between killer text and great graphics. Our review of and how to use this system to help you achieve that balance.

People who search online not only expect great written content, they also want videos, infographics, and pictures that engage, educate and fascinate.

What do you do if you're a small business owner who lacks creativity or is graphic software “challenged”? Do you spend significant money hiring a design pro?

Fortunately for the creatively challenged, there are some great tools that make things a lot simpler, and one of those things is SlideBot.

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What Is It?

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SlideBot is a tool that's designed to automate the creation of presentation slides. You still need to write your headlines and text, but the system uses your written content, analyzes it, and creates slides that reflect the words you use.

It's an automated graphic design solution for slides.

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Does It Work?

With this tool, you'll get simple, clean, functional slides that match the content you insert into the system. It's quick and easy, so in terms of pure function, it does exactly what it says on the box.

What's the Catch?

As with anything designed to save time and money, there is a catch. SlideBot can be quite literal in their choice of slides, so you won't get any out the box thinking here.

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You'll also notice the slides that are generated are simple to the point of bordering on boring, and they aren't going to win any design awards!

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Is It Worth It?

In a word, yes. If you're looking for tools to get you started, before you have the budget to hire a pro, tools like these are always worth it.

You may also find it useful for internal slides and simple business presentations.

If you are aiming to knock the socks off a new client, you may want to opt for hiring a pro instead. SlidebBot is perfectly functional and delivers adequate slides. However, in this incarnation, it's not going to deliver the wow factor you need to really impress. For that, you can get started with SlideBot but then have second enhancement done by someone with design skills and marketing savvy in your office or to whom you can outsource.

Who knows where SlideBot may evolve. It’s a solid tool for basic users, so be sure to bookmark it and keep checking in. This might be the next big thing in automated designed presentations.

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