6 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Shipping 

6 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Shipping

As a business owner or a key decision-maker in a thriving company, you'll know you need to find alternative shipping methods and partners when:

  • Your business is outgrowing your capacity to meet shipping demands in-house.
  • Your business has experienced exponential difficulty in achieving success or cost-effectiveness in fulfilling shipping demands in-house.
  • Your business is new or a startup that needs fulfillment/logistics support.

A logistics partner can solve most of your logistics hurdles and ensure you meet your business demands efficiently and effectively. You'll enjoy a reduced overhead cost, resulting in operational and organisational efficiency.


Revenue loss is a common struggle of e-commerce organisations, and one of the leaks comes from order fulfilment services. Rather than absorb the revenue loss from botched deliveries, missing orders, late deliveries, and improper order tracking, you can outsource it to a logistics company to carry the liability. These big companies have a more effective fulfilment service, but most importantly, they have built-in contingencies to absorb these losses.   

A third-party logistics partner will provide direct customer and B2B fulfilment services for your retail, e-commerce and marketplace sales. At the end of the day, it's the best of both worlds for your e-commerce business. On the one hand, your customers enjoy high-quality fulfillment services. On the other hand, your business carries no liability and revenue loss. 

Make More Sales

The purpose of any business is to make profits and lots of it. When you outsource your shipping, you'll free up ample time to focus on selling and marketing your products. 

Time spent taping order receipts on boxes, labelling each box and calling each customer to confirm items will be reinvested into growing your business. A logistics partner will do all the heavy lifting involved in shipping your products while you focus on racking up sales.

Improved Customer Experience

The customer is king. A happy and well-satisfied customer is the best advertisement and marketing for any business. One negative experience and a customer is likely not to return. Immediate and accurate delivery is important to customer retention. You'll need to outsource to a third-party logistics partner to guarantee accurate and timely shipping since their main priority is speedy delivery. 

Outsourcing third party logistics means your partner will communicate delays, clear backlogged orders, fast-track delivery, and provide accurate shipping information, which will improve your customers' experience.

Faster Delivery

Let's face it. We've all left a product we want because the delivery date is two to three weeks after payment confirmation. We're insatiable. We want our products, and we want them NOW.

This is where a logistics partner comes in. Seeing as most shipping companies have their warehouses situated in various locations around the country, it'll be easier and faster for them to deliver to your customers in a twinkle. 

Accurate Shipping Information

If you want more clicks on that "Buy" button, then you'll need to be consistent and accurate with the delivery information you provide at checkout. Customers are more inclined to purchase if they know the delivery times for their items. This openness also functions in reverse. If there is a lack of delivery transparency, customers will likely not place another order from a company.

However, a third-party logistics partner will ensure that accurate shipping information is provided at checkout. Also, they have the resources, expertise, and backup plans to handle large influx orders, emergencies, and climate changes(bad weather, storms, fire outbreak etc.)

Go Global

"Distance is not a barrier, Shipping to any location worldwide." These are likely slogans/taglines you can have on your websites. And that's the beauty of a logistics partner. 

When handling your shipping in-house, the chances of missing pertinent details are high. Weather conditions, currency conversions, specific country payment options, and tax and international shipping fees are important information to know. The burden of this information is another reason why several retailers who handle their own shipping limit their shipping options to local areas. 

Your best bet for a global market is to outsource your shipping. Your logistics partner will ensure orders are shipped and delivered to any location in the world due to their extensive network.


One important aspect of any successful business is delegation. Knowing when your business and team are at full capacity and collaborating with the right partners to ease and fast-track productivity is essential for business growth. Bearing this in mind, outsourcing your shipping needs might be what your business requires to build and sustain a happy customer base.  

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